Hey guys,

New to the forums, hope to be a long time user. Any ways... I’m deploying to Afghanistan pretty soon and I am also in the market for a good laptop. Money isn’t really an issue either, I just need something that’s a solid build and something that can play videogames without breaking a sweat.  I have kind of being looking at Alienware or Digital Storm, however, if there is some other company you guys or gals might recommend... please shot me some suggestions. Thanks




You are going to need something that is sealed so the sand cant get in it, that should be priority.

Der Meister

If you are going there for military or for contractor jobs. First I would say figure out what kind of location are you going to go to. If super sandy, I would highly suggest an extended warranty that covers just that. Normally you dont need such things, but that enviorment is quite hostel for computers 


Both of my sons had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and other exotic middle eastern destinations, they used Mac-Books every time. One even s[censored]ed a cup of coffee on his and it still worked for the three months that he was still there. They had a place that they could keep their stuff that was out of most of the harsher elements though.

For gaming, this would work and isn't too expensive.




why not think about dell?

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