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If you haven't noticed, it's a big week for Google. A really, really big week. They re-introduced Chrome OS, shipped the first Chrome OS notebook (CR-48) and revamped Gmail for Android. And now, they are revealing that Google Instant is available worldwide for Mobile devices.

Last month, Google Instant (which is a new feature that pops up search results in real-time as you type) launched on mobile in Beta. Now, it's out of Beta, ready to roll in official fashion. Google Instant for Mobile is now available in 28 languages and 40 countries worldwide, whereas the Beta only worked with English.

If you have an Android 2.2+ or iOS4 device, just go to in your mobile browser and you will be redirected to your local domain. Then, tap the Google Instant link beneath the search box to enable it. You'll need to be on a Wi-Fi connection to truly see the fast action benefits, but even a decent HSDPA connection will probably work fine.

Not to mention they also released the Nexus S. The only issue I have with that smart phone is it is on T-mobile which I could not bring myself to use, as I have had experience with them which was extremely negative, and still goes on to this day as far as aggravation now and again.


Google Instant has served me great, it's very convenient and fast and gets me my desired search results quickly, 95% of the time. Google is my preferred search engine, and to have the instant function in a mobile device is nice.