Hey guys. So a couple weeks ago I said I would be getting a SSD as a Black Friday gift, and I did. So, now my question is: can I get your guys' help to get my machine optimized? It is set up a little right now, but I want to review some things.

My setup:
XFX 680i SLI
E6750(2.66 GHz) Currently OC'ed @ 3.3 GHz
6 GB Ram: 2 x 1 GB OCZ SLI 1066 MHz (5-5-5-15) & 2 x 2 GB OCZ Platinum 1066 MHz (5-5-5-18)
EVGA GeForce 285 GTX Superclocked
Windows 7 Ult x64

So, I have two main questions. One regarding my SSD and how I should use it exactly, and the other regarding my overclock settings.

For the SSD, I bought a 120 GB  G.Skill Pheonix Pro. I am replacing a crappy 150 GB Raptor Drive. I was planning to keep my current config of using my fast drive to run windows/programs/apps and my second larger drive to contain media/games. My second drive is just a 320 GB SATA II drive. So, with gaming performance in mind, what do you guys think I should do as configuration? Run windows as well as a couple of games on my SSD? Or will it not really matter so much if I just run them off the second HDD?

For the OC'ing: My main question is what should I do with my RAM frequency & timings? Should I try a ratio for best performance, or should I clock them as fast as I can maintaining stability? I believe I can alter my multiplier from 8x-6x or so. My main goal is to just run a nice OC as optimized as possible while being as stable as possible. Any recommendations?

Thanks once again for you guys. You guys are great, always responding within atleast a day and supplying advice.



I use the SSD i have for the operating system and a few programs that I want to load really fast. Mine is only 60GB in size though.

I would put the OS and your favorite games on the SSD leaving about 30GB free and put the rest onto the platter drive. Even games loaded from my HDD's run really sweet once they load up.

As to the OC'ing, tweak it until it's stable writing down your settings as you go. Test it for stability with benchmarking programs often. Extra speed isn't worth it if you have the occasional lockup.

You never mentioned what Power Supply you use, but a really good one is worth it's weight in gold, and accounts for system stability many times over.

Der Meister

idealy you want a 1:1 fsb:ram ratio. Given you settings im guessing you could underclock the ram and tighten the timings on it if you wanted 


As previously posted >> having a reliable psu is paramount along with evaluating your overall thermal & cooling environment to achieve your optimized and practical timings.


What!?!?! Don't just take out the Raptor, keep it in there.  Have 3 drives, I'm sure the raptor is way better than the 320gb you have in there.  I second what Der said, which reminds me what happened to the overclock article that Bob was working on?

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