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If you're an AVG user having trouble booting into Windows 7, you have our condolences. Perhaps it might come as a small consolation that you're not alone, and chances are you did nothing wrong. The culprit, AVG says, is that the latest virus database -- 271.1.1/3292 (432/3292) -- released earlier this week is bricking systems with a STOP code.

AVG has since pulled the update, but that doesn't do you any good if you've already installed it. In that case, AVG recommends booting into Safe Mode and running System Restore to a point in time prior to the update. Barring that, AVG says to do the following:
  1. Find a working computer and create an AVG Rescue CD, if you didn't already, and use it to boot into your computer.
  2. When the Rescue CD is launched, navigate to Utilities > File Manager.
  3. Navigate to the mounted system drive (usually /mnt/sda1).
  4. Within this drive, navigate to the /Windows/system32/drivers/ folder and rename (using the F6 key) all files starting with avg (such as avgldx86.sys, avgtdlx.sys, and any others you find) to back them up. You can do this by changing their file extension to .bak.
  5. Remove the Rescue CD and reboot your PC. Your system should now boot with AVG disabled.
  6. Re-install AVG.
Alternately, some AVG forum members recommend booting into Safe Mode with a command prompt and renaming/removing the AVG program folder. Doing so should allow you to boot normally, after which you can then run the repair installation of AVG.

Note that this issue only affects 64-bit versions of Windows. If you're running a 32-bit OS and can't boot up, the culprit is likely something else.

Epic Fail, almost as bad as uninstalling Myth II deleted the whole hard drive.


AVAST is right,..............

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AVG has really been going down hill lately


acarzt wrote:

AVG has really been going down hill lately

I quit using it years ago for AVAST. I never looked back.


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LOL at the ncurses interface of their rescue CD.

At least anyone who had to recover this way can claim Linux experience on their resume's now.

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AVG is worse than what Norton Internet Security was back in 05, slow, eats resources, doesnt detect virus's till after your infected, and constantly blocks you from doing everyday tasks with prompts everytime you click something.

Avast has been the best free AV out for years, idk why people still use AVG is was horrible to start with and has only gotten worse.


This is why AVG, or any other company needs a thorough R&D team. When your working with the intestines of an OS that should read VERY THOUGH R&D! With all the free virus protection methods like this you can loose an 1/8th of your subscribers to another Virus solution provider as exemplified by the Avast comments.


avast, sounds interesting. i really need the sandbox protection to browse random sites for a host i work for. i have sandboxie installed but it doesn't come with virus protecting :)

Mike Coyne

I still use AVG 2011 Free Edition on my Windows XP. No problems. Dont worry about that. I knew they will repair that problem then you are good to go by update it


I can definitely agree with Drago that Avast is the best free AV out for years  and have always recommended tt.

This  came to mind from reading this thread with references to Linux & Avast
Linux Kernel names 2.6.18-2.6.19-  were called:  Avast! a bilge rat!

yep remembered that one !

not sure what version AVG has on the rescue cd  but I doubt that they would be using an '06 kernel.





Some of the features I have liked about Avast for the past several years are a boot time scanner

game mode, temporarily disable for specific  time, disable until system reboot .

..which can quite handy when running a dif scanner aka [Malware-bytes]

it uses much less resources than AVG as other have mentioned

update it's definitions daily on sys startup

& detected suspect files that some others missed 'I know cause I put them there' to test

The only minor detail encountered by new uses is to simply just register with Avast within 30 days and enter the license key


NOTE : thanks realneil for the correct info :" The Boot Time Scanner is gone with Win 7 64 Bit installed.


rrplay wrote:

Some of the features I have liked about Avast for the past several are a boot time scanner

The Boot Time Scanner is gone with Win 7 64 Bit installed. But the protection is still great.

It's seamless 'working always' in the background and doing such a good job without any BS is worth it,........especially since it's free.


thanks for the heads up re: boot time scanner in Win7 64 bit glad you caught it and set  the info right