I just put together a new system and need some help.

Gigabyte GA-8HIXP
Intel 2.26 533mHz
Volcano 7+ cpu cooler
Kingston PC 1066 512mb
WD 80gb 8mb cache
Geforce 3 Ti500

First, for gaming, is setting up Raid Striping worth it for increasing performance?

How can I tell if my system (memory and CPU) is running at 133mhz? I set the Bios to PC1066 and for the cpu, it allows you to use hardware of set the speed yourself. Whats the best setting.

The tune software provided with the MB crashes everytime I try to change it. Is the software trash?

I am new to this overclocking stuff so any help getting this system going is very appreciated. I would love to overclock it but, am unsure how.

Currently I am running at 46C.
when you switch on you will see at POST what FSB the CPU is running at.

Not sure about the striping question. I dounbt it will have much effect.

Easy tune 4 from gigabyte is beta software - you should not be setting the base FSB from there anyway - use the bios.

Hope that help
You need to get SiSoft Sandra 2002 (or even 2001 would work).

You dont neccessarily need the pro version; you have to pay for that anyway.

Get it from,fid,4005,00.asp  Or you can go to Yahoo and do a search and come up with about 100 zillions sites, one of which might be closer to you.

There are a BUNCH of tests that you can run. Run them all later but first run the one that benchmarks your RAM CPU (blah blah blah) setup. I think its got slightly different names depending on what version of the program you get.

Make sure you also run the System Summery and the Mainboard Information tests. Followed by the CPU and BIOS tests. Run them all and I know for a fact it will tell you EXACTLY what your front side bus is. Mine is currently 280 mhz (warning- my ram isnt rated to run that high and may have problems )
That seems pretty much acurate, i would do the same.
2002-07-23T15:21:32Z can set the mem at pc1066 and the cpu fsb at 133 and that will be the defualt speeds...without overclocking..
Also if you are in doubt check your cpu speeds...either during post or in windows under control panel in systems.

The CPu speed should be 2.26....since that is calculated by your cpu multiplier and the FSB...
The multiplier for the 2.26 is 17 and if the FSB is 133 then the total speed of the cpu is 2.26 (17x133)...if it isn't then the FSB isn't right...
Oh yeah...the raid array i set up seems to make my games load faster than i think that's one of the benefits...although windows start up will take a little longer since the Raid controller always has to search for your hard drives and raid array everytime you start your system....
Thanks for all the help.

I downloaded the software and see that my cpu was running at 133mhz, and the memory is at 533mhz.

Next questions:

What voltages would you recommend over the originals and can I go all the way to 1.56mhz for a cpu clock speed ot 2.65?

What temps are normal for not overclocked and what temps are geting to high?

Without overclocking, I am at 45C. I thought it would be in the mid 30's and was wondering if my Volcano 7 was not fully in contact with the cpu.

Thanks again, I am learning fast
This may be a dumb ? but, the cpu is rated for 533mhz fsb so why is it 17 times 133?

If you have a 400mhz fsb, how does it affect the cpu. Does the multiplier change?
Because de REAL FSB of all the computer is 133. So it's 133*17. But the P4 has a special ability called Quad Pump that allows bigger bandwitch by multipling the fsb of only the CPU by 4.

Originally posted by Dinsdale
If you have a 400mhz fsb, how does it affect the cpu. Does the multiplier change?

Yes because of the Quad Pump. 400/4=100 so the real FSB is 100 and it's slower then 133.