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Windows XP provided us with some great memories, didn't it? Perhaps more importantly, it helped us through the Vista era, which really wasn't as bad as some make it out to be, but did get off to a rocky start, regardless of whether you want to blame Microsoft or those who write drivers for hardware. Wonky network performance, slow file transfers, overbearing UAC annoyances, and incompatibilities all took a toll on Vista's reputation, and that whole ugly "Vista Capable" lawsuit didn't exactly help the OS's image.

But we're on Windows 7 now, arguably Microsoft's finest hour in OS creation. It's been a year since Windows 7 came out, and with support for XP (and Office 2003) set to end in April 2014, it's high time XP users man-up and leave the borderline legacy OS behind, at least if you work in the IT industry.

"You may find yourself in a situation where these migrations become the dominant projects in your organizations over the next few months," said David Cappuccio, an analyst with Gartner. "It's just a fact of life that we can only milk a cow for so long."

Cappuccio isn't the only one who recognizes the need to move on.

"Over the summer, we just had a round of 'firefighting' where we had a bunch of Windows XP SP2 machines that had to get upgraded to Service Pack 3 because of end-of-life support," said Matt Holmes, systems manager for Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. "I think it kind of snuck up on the desktop support folks."

Are you still rocking Windows XP on one or more of you machines? What OSes do you run at work or home?

rofl; I have been on every Beta for every commercial edition of Windows since Win98, I have also tested and used most corporate versions (IE NT3.5 up I think it was until current although I don't have much exp on 2008 server Vr.2 plus). So letting go of windows versions for me generally comes before it is ever released,


Windows XP --> skipping vista --> GNU/Linux

These steps I've gone through, as well as all of my friends and family.


My school went from Windows XP --> Windows 7. Completely skipped Windows Vista.

Marc B

My old DV editing/ DAW PC is STILL running XP pro. Windows 7 is awesome, but I've got old hardware on that PC that I use daily that has questionable driver support under W7, particularly an old ATI AIW x800 XT card with the most finicky driver installation procedure possible. I'll keep this under XP until I retire it.


If one has old hardware with an install that does not cause problems, there's no point going away from XP...if anything might want to go Linux depending on the person. New hardware? Go Windows 7 for sure (64bit, we should also say goodbye to 32bit asap).

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Have no doubt: The original Gartner article was a sales pitch for MS. MS is extremely displeased with the number of people that have decided Vista and Win7 aren't worth the upgrade costs.

MS is doing a great job of comparing VistaSE Win7 sales to Vista sales... but when you compare how poor Vista sold compared to XP (taking into account the relative number of PCs), it's not a rosy picture.

If Microsoft wasn't dropping support for WindowsXP, most businesses wouldn't have any reason at all to upgrade.


all i can say is just......w7 rocks.........\m/ brought me to digital world.....


Schmich said on Oct 19, 2010

"If one has old hardware with an install that does not cause problems, there's no point going away from XP...if anything might want to go Linux depending on the person. New hardware? Go Windows 7 for sure (64bit, we should also say goodbye to 32bit asap)."

I agree wholeheartedly. Unless you are a big business or university, for example, there is no need for an individual or small business to leave XP just yet. Small businesses and individuals don't have to make such long range plans and longterm budget considerations and/or preparations.

By the time 2014 arrives, we (XP users) mostly likely will have Windows 8 SP-1 as an option skipping Windows 7 altogether. Furthermore, who knows what new OS or improved OS, other than Windows, might be on the market in 3 years.

Using old hardware, I've enjoyed XP Pro and don't see the need yet to change. I tried Kubuntu 10.04 on my old computer, but it requires more memory than XP does. So I'll wait until this computer dies before I rush out to buy the latest and the greatest....whatever that may be. I know that unless this computer "dies", I have three years before I need to "panic".


haha just upgraded my copy of xp to Win 7 pro a month ago. XP was awesome, though


I can see that as a most likely smart thing to do at least at release, and following SP1, after SP2 Vista finally was stable as well as good as far as Windows versions go. Windows 7 is just SP3 for Vista inclusive with a few added features/Functionality. I never liked Vista from beta release, and it never worked seamlessly until then either.


Oh and as far as it goes My Desktop with Win7 Ultimate 64 (Thanks to Cyberpower and Hothardware) sitting next to mine is Sarah's which still runs my old XP PRO. That is even though I have two Gold disk's from M$ with 32 and 64 bit versions of Vista PRO (Which they sent me when it went to retail). Neither one of us obviously likes Vista, but I do have Win 7 Pro on the laptop (which I got through the student upgrade program). I personally would use nothing but Win7 Pro or above unless it was Linux (Which I do also have installed on this computer).

Mike Coyne

I still running on Winndows XP Professional Service Pack 3 on my PC and Laptop. I'm glad that I skipped Windows Vista. I'm willing go next OS Windows 7 go with new custom build PC.


While you are right 3vi1 I still hate XP with every fabric of my being. It is a horid OS and over 10 years old. Why anyone is happy using it is beyond me. Vista on the other hand was a pretty good OS. I never understood the hate. I did notice that most people that hated it so much never used it on a daily basis. I'm aloud to hate XP because I used it for years. Vista is not bad and I recommend to most people with Vista that they don't waste the money on 7 because it's not that different.



Perhaps it's not out of place to point out that there do exist alternatives to Windows OS, no matter whether these latter are called XP, Vista, or Windows 7 ? I've used all of the above, and must confess that the latest version of Ubuntu, 10.10 does a far better job of meeting my needs than any of them....