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NVIDIA GeForce GT 430: Cheap DX11 GraphicsNVIDIA is launching a new entry-level graphics card today, the affordable GeForce GT 430. With the release of the GeForce GT 430, NVIDIA aims to better position itself in media PC market, where hardcore, high resolution PC gaming takes a backseat to things like HD video playback, photo and video editing, and Blu-ray 3D capability. Read on to find out just how well the new GeForce GT 430 performs, and where it stands in comparison to its AMD Radeon-based counterparts...

NVIDIA GeForce GT 430: Cheap DX11 Graphics

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Hmmm, I was expecting a little more from this little guy... it is entry level tho.

How overclockable is this thing, and would it even be worth it?

Marco C

If you're looking for a cheap gaming card, IMO, overclocking one of these isn't the way to go. Spring for the next step up and look into a GTS 450 or 5670 class card.


As slow as it is. I bet it would still out perform the 9600gt and 8800gts that I have in Jen and my PCs. I think it would fit real nice in her SFF box and should handle Team Fortress no problem.


This is a great card for an HTPC. Almost reminds me of my 9800 pro when I had a Golden Orb cooler mounted on it. 

Good to see Nvidia coming out with new cards even though they are late in the game. 

With that said....bring on the AMD 6 series!!!! [:D]


I need a low profile card for a Dell Vostro that someone gave me today. This looks like it would do the trick.


I can understand being cheap on a MOBO, PSU or even RAM.

But if you are to game, at least go for a moderatly priced mid range card!

Thats like using 99c oil in a Ferrari just before a race!


animatortom wrote:

I can understand being cheap on a MOBO, PSU or even RAM.


Those are the worst.

On a serious note. I would not go out and get one of these cards to play games, but with all the cuda stuff and browsers and other stuff going GPU rendered it's not a bad idea to have a low end GPU in a none gaming PC. Plus someone like Jen(My better half) who only plays Team Fortress 2 it would run fine.


this is a very cheap graphics card that i might consider putting in my sisters desktop!!!!