Der Meister

So I was Playing a game today and all of a sudden it freezes. I think no big deal it does it from time to time. Well this time I wont boot, I try 3 times before I put in the Win 7 disc for a recovery. So it does the recovery and still no dice. So i go in the bios and its not there. So I try different sata cables, power cables, and sata ports on the mobo. Still no dice... So I take the thing out and Im getting ready to submit an RMA to Corsair and I bring up my newegg invoice and to my disbelief. I don't have the SSD I thought I bought a year ago. It Shares the same serial number on the box except for one important part a BIG S128 Instead of the P128 I though I had ordered and what my invoice says.... So Now I just got done sending a email to newegg but Im not expecting much, but the real pain is I dont know how Im going to RMA it with Corsair if they dont match the invoice.... I really dont want to have to buy a new one.... nore do I have the $250 really to spend on it....


Super Dave

You're not the only one, Der Meister! Take a look HERE and HERE.

Der Meister

Humm it seems that I do indeed fall under the miss labeling since the part number matches up.

Marco C

A early batch of Corsair's drives were mislabled---you should still get help.  Heck, even my review sample was mislabeled.


Hum, i just dealt with a warranty replacement which is the same thing 😃 with logitech and they are so good  at helping out 🙂 I told them i no longer have a proof of  purchase and they still did the replacement for me on my g9 mouse for a g9x 🙂.

Maybe corsair will be just as nice :)

Der Meister

I hope so I am on my laptop at the moment so it really sucks.  Id really like to upgrade to the F series if I could and they would let me. I'd even pay for the upgrade.


OCZ and NZXT are good that way too.

I had a month left on my OCZ PSU and couldn't find the invoice but they still did a RMA.  NZXT has sent me out replacement parts for a customer's Tempest and they lost the invoice I gave them with their system.

If Corsair support is anything like their products you should have no problem getting things straightened out, especially if there are other documented cases around the interwebz.

Der Meister

Waiting for the RMA ticket number is murder.... I just want it so I can send it off in the mail today. I might even two day or over night it depending on the cost just to speed things up.... 

On another note I spent the time to hook up my lappy to be big 28" LCD and keyboard and mouse so that it makes me feel


I hope that they treat you right and make it good.

So you're sure that it's the drive and not a controller?

Der Meister

I dont think it could be a controller. I have tried every thing to get it to work. I cant even get it to show in the bois


Will another drive show up in BIOS?

Did you check your BIOS settings to see if they had changed?

How are the controllers set?

Try to clear the BIOS with the jumper and start fresh.

Der Meister

It sees my WD blue drive and DVD drive fine, I have changed the controllers around as well. I haven't cleared the bios primary bc I have a few OC settings saved on it. I might go mess around with it again. If i can get it to talk Im still going to RMA it but I want some data off it. 


My ASRock and my Intel board have a way to save the settings and name it, so you can go back to them later. They both also have a "Holy-Crap!" button (called back to BIOS) that sets it all into a fail-safe configuration, thereby guaranteeing it will work. (if your drive is functional)

I would at least write down your tweaks and try a reset, but the fact that the board still 'see's' the other HDD is not a good sign for the SSD.

The fact that you ordered one drive and got another is bogus. Was the box that the drive came in marked the same way as the drive was? If the box is mistaken, (doesn't match what you ordered) it should be on the Egg to make it good. Any way you look at it, somebody owes you the proper drive.

Der Meister

I took it to work and hooked it up to the 2.5" to USB and nothing happened, so its dead. I got a 1tb WD black while I was there and im thinking of installing the OS on that and then when I get the SSD back from RMA I can then clone the OS and everything to the SSD. I think I wont loose any performance by cloning it??? Marco or Dave or anyone else ideas?


Use the 1TB drive as a stopgap measure, but do a clean install of the OS on the SSD when you get it back. I've heard that Windows-7 does a modified install on SSD's. Don't know if  it's true or not.

It would be easy enough to store all of your data on a secondary drive and have it for later use.