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Microsoft has confirmed plans to launch the latest version of its mobile operating system known as Windows Phone 7 in New York on October 11. Details about the unveiling are still a little sparse, but the invite makes it clear that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be joined by AT&T's Ralph de la Vega for a morning keynote. T-Mobile is also expected to offer Windows Phone 7 handsets, though it's unclear if the carrier will be a part of this launch event.

Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft's latest attempt to regain lost ground in the mobile phone sector. Over the past few years, Microsoft's mobile platforms have lost ground to Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry, and Google's Android platforms. Windows Phone 7 replaces the Windows-like, multi-level menu system with touch-friendly tiles and hubs. The interface reportedly borrows from Microsoft's ZuneHD music player interface.

To date, LG, Samsung, Dell, Asus and HTC have been confirmed as hardware partners for Windows Phone 7 devices, although we don't yet know when each of these companies will launch Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Windows Phone 7 is expected to be available for GSM networks (aka T-Mobile and AT&T in the U.S.) first. Verizon Wireless won't be a part of the initial launch event, but the CDMA carrier has said it will likely offer Windows Phone 7 devices in 2011.

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Do not want Zune3.0.


Hopefully Early 2011, Then I'll pick one up!



maybe if the price is right and the features rival all others?


Be the first one on your block to buy your very own little portable 'Blue Screen' device!


It is going to be tough to take on the I-Phone and as much of a Windows person as I am the I-Phone is #1.


It wouldnt de tough to take on the IPhone if they offer a good phone on someone other than hAT&Te [:|]


I agree animatortom, and as far as it goes Samsung alone say's they sold 5 million Galaxy S devices. I had one for 23 days myself, but Sprint does not work at my house. So when I got home I tried to get Sprint to send me one of the home/broadband signal devices. I would have kept it if they had as well as Sprints service, but they said I would have to pay them 100 dollars for it. So I took it back canceled my Sprint account and got my money back.

Either way I think M$ should have done this at the least a year ago. They really seem to be late to the party over all. M$ has often surprisingly caught up rather quickly though. SO I am interested to see what happens. Plus adding another large market player to the mix never hurts consumers of any type, nor in any way.