thuh granantlet

Hey guys, I'm putting together a rig for my girlfriend, but it's been a while since I've done this. I'm looking at a motherboard that says the memory standard is "2000MHz+" (and another one that is "2600MHz+"). Now, I thought that it meant DDR3 2000 or higher. But when I look at the combo deals, they're selling it bundled with DDR3 1600. And I couldn't even find DDR3 2600 ram, but the motherboard can come bundled with DDR3 1600 as well. Do I need DDR3 2000 ram for these boards? Or am I mistaken?

Here are the boards in question:


Thanks for looking,


Der Meister

they are actually different mobos one is the "SLI" and one is the "LE" so buy for which ever one you get. On another note eVGA stuff rocks! 

Super Dave

From the 'Egg they will work with whatever RAM is bundled with them!


My 2 cents is stick with quality RAM whatever speed you may choose. Might not hurt to look at the motherboard web site and see what RAM is compatible with the two motherboards in question just to avoid any issues. It is not common but something you might want t o consider also this might tell what speeds are supported for each. [;)]

thuh granantlet

Yeh, I checked the website, but it said the same thing as newegg did- 2600+. 

I went ahead and got the DDR3 1600 and it works great. But now I have a different problem (and a different thread).  

thuh granantlet

Thanks- I went ahead and did that, and it worked great.


I've found that usually, when a board advertises RAM compatibility speeds of 2000+ MHz, it's got an asterisk next to it and a note at the bottom of the page explaining that those speeds are attainable if you overclock your board and RAM.

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