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I have 24g of DDR3 ram ,6x4g. at 9-9-9-24-trfc at107 command rate is 2 ,fsb 2:10, Dram freq is 667.5...697mhz,1215,1603


running on my asus rampage 111

2xGTX-465 vid's.


Coolmaster HAF


60g ssd Boot,+4 big sata hdd's.

win 7 ultimate 64b

24in. sammy syncmaster

5-1 surround sound,logitech speakers

I race NASCAR online and i'm in WoW

no OC.

sure no worry about FPS these day's

what would be a good small easy boost to my ram and cpu?

Corsair H50 on cpu

air cooled the rest.


am i crazy at 65 for doin this?



this is my 8th pc build,I love doin it,since the 80's


I'm not quite sure why you need/want to upgrade...everything seems pretty tight.


Can you run tighter timings on those OCZ gold? I'm not sure what chips those use.

As for the age, I think there's a lot of people in their 60s now into hardware.  I think in here we got Slugbug and  Realneill and IIRC they are also in retirement age.


Der Meister

not crazy but about 18gigs overkill on ram though. if you went with say 6 gb 2x2x2 then you could get faster timings

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not upgrading ,like it like it is...


24 g of ram just came with it

 i thought ,man Ram Galore!

just wondering about fooling with Bios,

timings etc..runnin' stock settings now

only benches i do are with EVEREST Ultimate...

65 and im into WoW

Der Meister

you could OC the CPU some. Is it an i7 980?

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yes i7 980x


so less ram and tighter timing is better?

what can i do with all 24g? would love to keep it ,it feels good to have all  of

must be some way to have the 24g blow speed out of the

i hate the idea of giving up ram,please make me feel better....

never had so much before...always thought bigger was better....tears starting to form....


You can probably open a 100,000 x 100,000 300dpi image in photoshop with that much RAM lol.

Actually, with that much RAM isn't there RAM disk chaching (is that a word?) where instead of using HDD space for disk cache you use the RAM and its much faster for swap files?  I'm not sure I'm not very knowledgeable about OSes and software but I know there is something liket hat.

Wikipedia to the rescue!

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I will look into Ram cacheing...Thank you

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I hate to be the one to burst your bubble.... but for gaming... 24GBs of ram is WAY over kill.

Also... ram disk was used back in the days of DOS. There is not real use for it anymore.

If you used say 10GBs of that ram as a RAM disk... all 10GB would have to be read from one of your other disks and loaded into the ram. This would add about an extra 4 minutes into your boot time because it's loading those files. Once they are loaded... if you don't even USE the files that were loaded into the ram drive... then there was no point for that extra time spent.

When you shut the computer down... it has to then write all of those files back to the hard drive to make sure it save any changes you mad... this can be another 4-6 minutes(writes are usually slower).

If your computer shuts down irregularly and the RAM drive did not have a chance to save your changes back to disk... that data is lost forever.

But aside from all of that... why are you looking to make your system faster? It's already pretty fast.

Are you running your FSB at 1215Mhz? and the RAM at 1603? Just want to make sure i'm reading that clearly.

You could make that faster by changing the ratio so that your FSB is 1333, or 1600 and the ram stays at 1600. Make sure you also adjust the multiplier so that your CPU isn't running too high and you burn out the chip.

If you want to make the computer faster with parts... I would add an other SSD or 2 and run a raid 0. Swap the 24GBs of ram for some ram with tighter timings like 7-7-7-20 1t, or close to that. You could also try your hand at OC'ing that CPU.

But again... why do you want to go faster? is something sluggish?

Der Meister

having that much ram is like having than many nukes sure it looks good on paper but really you only need 5 or 6 to get the point 

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I'm going to take three sticks out and just run 12g at 7-7-7....


this computer came as a kit with the ram already...


now with new RlllE mobo and strider 1500w psu,2x 465's in sli and an 8800gt for physx ,it is doing fine ,thank you....

and very high up in benchmarks...but who cares


mrgas wrote:

I'm going to take three sticks out

Not a good idea,......little change in system except during benchmarks. Real world playing games, no change.

mrgas wrote:

it is doing fine ,thank you

Then why screw with it?

mrgas wrote:

strider 1500w psu

That's a waste of power and it drives up your electric bill. Most boutique (KIT) builders provide way too much power for you, just to charge you lots more. That system would run fine on 800 watts of clean power. SeaSonic Brand PSU's are very efficient, saving you money on the power bill. (if you even care about the power bill)


If you really want to make that PC go much faster, then look into a PCI-E based SSD for it. Most of them are blazing fast and leave regular SSD's in the dust when it comes to performance. You can read all about them right here on They have done reviews on them already. This is the only thing that will REALLY make your computer noticeably faster.

The fastest regular SSD's do about 275 MBs speeds, but a PCI-E drive can do 1,500-MBs speeds!! Remember, the prices for these are not for the faint of heart. You have to pay to play!

This is one of them.

And this one is Crazy-Fast!


Yeah I have to agree. PSUs power efficiency is kinda an arc. Using very little of its power or almost max is way less efficient. You wanna be somewhere in the middle.

For instance here is a graph of the power efficiency for my PSU.


I just make sure that the PSU's I buy are 80+ Bronze or Silver Certified and that assures me that they are extremely efficient and use less power.

This is the last one that I bought for a customer.

80Plus Silver Certified


This is my next one.