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Due to the development of more powerful CPUs and graphics processors, we demand more from our power supplies today than we have in years past. To meet those demands, Corsair announced the Professional Series Gold AX1200, AX850, and AX750 power supply units at Computex earlier this year. Now, these new power supplies are available. The Professional Series Gold is based on a server-grade power train architecture. The line delivers over 90% efficiency at 50% load when using a 115V AC input.

The Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200, AX850 and AX750 PSUs use a fully-modular low-profile cable set that helps to reduce cable clutter and maximize airflow through the PC. All Professional Series Gold power supplies come with a seven year limited warranty.

Corsair Announces Retail Availability of Professional Series Gold Power Supplies

Fremont, California — August 26, 2010 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the general retail availability of the Professional Series™ Gold AX1200, AX850, and AX750 power supply units. These PSUs, which feature 80 PLUS® GOLD certification, were announced and shown at Computex in Taipei, and have won numerous accolades since then.

“The response of early users and reviewers to the Professional Series Gold PSUs has been phenomenal,” stated Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of Components at Corsair. “We have been working overtime to meet the demand for this ultra-efficient, fully modular PSU, and are thrilled to announce that these highly anticipated products are now widely available from Corsair’s retailers.”

Corsair Professional Series Gold power supplies exceed the requirements for 80 Plus Gold certification, delivering over 90% efficiency at 50% load when using a 115V AC input. This increases to over 92% efficiency when used with the 230V AC voltage input specification in Europe. Built utilizing server-grade power train architectures designed for mission-critical levels of voltage stability and reliability, Professional Series Gold power supplies deliver previously unheard-of levels of performance.

Corsair Professional Series Gold power supplies are provided with a seven year limited warranty, and are backed by Corsair’s legendary customer service and technical support.

For more information on Corsair Professional Series Gold PSUs, please visit the Power Supplies section of our web site.

For a Technical Overview of the Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 power supply, please visit the Corsair Blog.


looks sick, but dosnt all new hardware you dont have look sick.


I was seriously considering one of these, but got the HX850 instead, which is modular, but has the Motherboard power and two pci-e power cables attached. Looking back an extra 20 would have definitely been worth it.


Well fat, to me all PSU look the same... Its just how it works and features that are sick :P


i think when a 1200 watt sticker is put on the side it makes it look sick


I have the Corsair HX750 and have been very satisfied with it. The next power supply I buy will definitely be another Corsair. I am sure this AX1200 is a great power supply too.

Der Meister

humm and i thought my corsair 1000 was big.... 


Eh, I'm happy with my HX850. I seriously don't know why people are getting all these 1000+ watt PSUs. Unless their running three GTX 480s in SLI.


bigger is always better.


I love these new "low-profile" modular cables.Just got the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold yesterday and the difference is HUGE when it comes to reducing clutter compared to other modular cables.