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To pay tribute to the hot, lazy days of summer, we're giving away some equally HOT new hardware in conjunction with our friends at MSI! This time around, you could win a pair of MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GB GeForce GTX 460 cards for some SLI action and an awesome MSI Big Bang-XPower motherboard. In addition, for the duration of the contest, we'll also be giving away 10 copies of the DX11 and PhysX-enabled game Metro 2033!

As we've done with previous sweepstakes, we’ll be giving this prize package away to a randomly selected contributor to our on-line forum and discussion systems, but like many previous contests, there are other ways to enter (see below)...

Grand Prize: (2) MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GB cards, (1) MSI Big Bang-XPower motherboard

Runners Up: (10) Copies of Metro 2033

To be entered into the sweepstakes, you’ve got to be a registered, active member of our forum and a resident of the United States or Canada. If you’re not already a member, you can sign up quickly and easily (and for free), right here.

From this point forward, we’ll be monitoring discussions here in the news and in the forum. We will be randomly selecting winners based on community involvement and quality of contribution. You can also increase your chances of winning by signing up for our HotHardware News Alerts or becoming a fan of HotHardware via our respective DiggFacebook and / or Twitter pages. And we’d urge you to become a fan of MSI’s Facebook page as well! The contest will run through Monday September 13, 2010 at which point we’ll announce the grand prize winner.

This is a great chance for to you to win some powerful hardware. Now go make some new friends in the forum and get in the running! Good Luck!


Do want! For the record, I also have Metro 2033, so give count me out from the game contest but in for the hardware.

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That cyclone cooler looks wicked.


Yep, a pair of those bad boys and you'll be running cool, quiet and lightning fast!

  •  acarzt
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Wow you guys are going back to back with these contests lol. The other one hasn't even ended yet :-P


i am all the way if hot hardware wants to do none stop contest, more chances for me to win stuff lol.


Alright! Somebody is going to have some new Hot Hardware!

Now they will be able to play dx11 Metro at full rate with HD, and THX sound!

Dave might be onto something here, giving away all these games...maybe we will have MMORPG's as a good meeting place for all of us in the forums?

Good luck to all!



Those are some nice givaways nice board, graphics and game I would like to own any one of those so count in and good luck to all you guys and any gals out there!!


i vote the new star wars game as the game of choice.


By 3vi1 "That cyclone cooler looks wicked"

These Cyclone cards are rated higher than any other GTX460's on the market at present. They are quieter and faster than all of the others. I also read a review of two of these cards running in SLI. They smoked a GTX480 card while using less power and the two of them together cost less!

I'm gonna go read up on the Mainboard now,.........Is it this one?

I'm in for this one folks! Yow, what a prize!


OK Fat,

Some might not know the SW game of that which you speak:P

B sure 2 watch as high def as U can[8-|]

I like the look better than the Clone Wars>

Marius Malek



College takes up so much time of my life that I don't have time for the forums here :(


Another great giveaway guys! 


Yes, I have to agree with Marius Malek. between College and Marrage I don't have a lot of time for the forums any more, but it does look like somebody will get some nice bootie.

Good luck everyone.

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Lol... between the GF, work, studying for more MS exams, and trying to get into College I have very little free time lol

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Hmmm... wonder if you could put them in tri-SLI with a GTX465?

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