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Excited for Mafia II? Really excited? Really, really excited? Excited enough to take a little time off and join a party to celebrate the launch of Mafia II? 2K Games and NVIDIA are holding a joint Mafia II line of launch events (called "Community Events") over the next few weekends, with Chicago, Miami and New York City as the cities to party down in.

Best of all, these two companies are hoping to see you there, and if you visit the Facebook page listed at the bottom of this post, you can reply in order to RSVP and skip the hassle. If you don't have Facebook access, just respond in our comment section with your desired city to attend and we'll pass the note on directly to NVIDIA. Make sure you get your requests in before August 18 at 3PM PST, and then you'll be added to the VIP guest list.

There's no cover charge for any of the events, but you need to be at least 18 years old to party and 21 to drink. Mafia II will be out in full force with 3D Vision and 3D Vision Surround. So, who's down?

i just finshed playing the demo of mafia 2 and its pretty nice except for the driving system.The game is harder then most like it, which makes it a little funnier, but not to hard where the game blows. (not sure if that statement made any sense lol)