MSI's K9A2 platinum has been king of folding mobos for a while (was MSI the first to put a lot of x16 slots on a non-ws mobo?), although the xpower costs a little bit more than that, the price seems to be a lot better than evga classified or rampage iii extreme.


And keep your feet warm during the cold Winter months [;)]


If msi can deliver upon the somewhat heady statements made i those articles, i see no reason why a hardcore gamer wouldn't die for the opprotunity to assemble this with the latest and greatest he can find throw in the sandy bridge i-7 and you have a system that will last you as long as you will change the graphics card.


3 years on, and i am just able to get my hands on two, of these beasts. i had not the ability or the resources to do it earlier, and am going over this article and committing it to memory. i have installed i960's, and have a good air cooler. Memory is lower cost now. i have 3x8 GB ripjaws, , with everything, installed in a 4U table top rackmount case. . i got these two " little used beasts " at an auction of cctv equipment. So , i pulled the 16 channel video recording card out. a current 900 dollar item, and traded up to WD Red Drives , i am good to go, and i am grinning ear to ear. Thanks all for your comments. Come to Vancouver one day, lets have fun, settle down with a sweet heart, and be prudent and responsible, one system is for Video and JPG's , the other, i have connected to my 100 Mb second, internet provider. i am looking at Day Trading, " a whole other story " OH Yea, this set up, is going to last me a few years, say to 2015 Aug. when i think about, " just think about " getting DDR4, and the PCIe 4.0 ? / Naw Cheers all, Thanks Author,