I posted this on gamefaqs and got a very helpful reply, and was hoping for some more opinions.

I'm keeping my old 650 Watt PSU, DVD drive and 500 GB HD.

Here's what I'm getting:

i5- 750 from microcenter:  $160

Windows 7 Professional w/ Student discount (yay still active alumni

email): $30

All form newegg:

Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3: $119

Kingston SSDnow V series 64GB:  post discount and rebate $135

Lian LI Lancool PC-K58W black AND G.Skill Ripjaws series 4GB RAM combo: $130

AZiO AWU354 USB wireless adaptor: $9

Pallit GTX 470:  after discount and rebate : $223


All together ~$806.  What do you think?  Would you replace anything?  Would that powersupply still be ok with the new parts?




Der Meister

PSU is fine, looks like a solid build. though i have never heard of the GFX card manufacture before.  but thats a good price for it non the less


I think you should give it to me because its my b day today.

Super Dave

fat78 wrote:

I think you should give it to me because its my b day today.

Haha...Happy Birthday Fatty! Palit has been around for a while, but they must operate in the shadows as I don't recall seeing any Palit hardware reviews of late! By the way, Sackyhack, the Palit GTX 470 is out of stock at NewEgg. Might you be interested in a Radeon?

Super Dave

sackyhack wrote:

AZiO AWU354 USB wireless adaptor: $9

I would get a PCI wireless N card instead. A PCI wireless card with it's external antenna(s) should offer a stronger signal than a USB device, and it won't be hangin' out there in the breeze waitin' to be snapped-off, either! 


 I actually managed to snap one up yesterday before it went out of stock, or at least my order went through.  Hopefully  I don't get a "whoops we don't have it email". ">


Another questions.  A while a go I got this really nice surround sound USB headset specifically because it would let me enjoy surround sound w/o a sound card.  But would it benefit from one if I were to slap a cheap sound card in there?  Logic tells me no because most of the lower-end cards I've looked at don't have USB connectors, so the headset wouldn't be connected directly to it, but I know jack about sound cards so I wanted to check with you guys.