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Thanks to the invention of the netbook and the tablet PC, it's safe to say that not everyone's main mobile machine has an optical drive. And in a lot of cases, that's perfectly fine. Not everyone needs an optical drive, and the added space, cost and power usage is sometimes not even favored. But that's why there are external optical drives, which are perfect for carrying along on trips where you may need access to a disc.

Plextor has been in the media game for a long, long time, and their expertise is shining through with the PX-B120U. This new product is essentially a USB-powered external BD-ROM drive. It's one of the few external Blu-ray supporting optical drives out for PCs right now, and best of all, it requires no additional power outside of what's provided over USB. So you simply plug this into your netbook or notebook, load up the software that ships with it and then you can begin enjoying Blu-ray movies or any other disc you need read.

It's also a burner for blank CDs and DVDs, but it cannot write to blank BDs. What may possibly be the best part is the price: at just $99.99, this is one of the more affordable Blu-ray options on the market, and the ability to use it on your PC is just icing on the cake.

Plextor Announces the New PX-B120U USB-Powered External BD ROM

PX-B120U lets users enjoy high-definition and 3D movies on the go

(Fremont, CA – July 20, 2010) – Plextor (, a leading brand of high-performance digital media solutions, announces the new PX-B120U external BD-ROM. The PX-B120U was first introduced at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan in June and is now available for purchase in the U.S.

The PX-B120U is a USB-powered external Blu-ray Disc playback device that allows users to watch high-definition movies on any Blu-ray capable PC or notebook*. The device comes bundled with Cyberlink –high-quality Blu-ray and DVD playback software that provides a full Blu-ray experience in 3D, including the ability to upscale standard videos to HD-like and 3D-like visual quality.

"Blu-ray has become the media player of choice for consumers and we wanted to provide a versatile solution to our customers," said Christine Hsing, Marketing Manager at Plextor. "The PX-B120U is great for on-the-go viewing and can also serve as the Blu-ray player at home. It's a great all around solution for anyone's Blu-ray needs."

Its compact, slender design makes the PX-B120U easy to transport in existing cases or bags without adding extra bulk. There's no need to carry an additional AC adapter or other cables. Also, the top-load design makes it easy to open from any angle even with minimal space. The drive's external design features a unique ripple pattern and a smooth, gloss texture finish.

When connected via USB cable, the four-speed mechanism provides smooth Blu-ray playback. It also provides extensive support to multiple media formats; including DVD+ /- R, DVD +/-RW, DVD +/- R DL, DVD-RAM and CD-R.

Additionally, when the PX-B120U is connected to Plextor's soon-to-be-released media player, PlexMedia, it can also function as a living room Blu-ray player. The ability to use it permanently at home, or take it with you, makes it a truly versatile drive.

Plextor's PX-B120U external BD-ROM is available now in the U.S. with an MSRP of $99.99. For more information, please visit 

*Note: System must meet certain requirements for BD playback
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Heh... it looks like a cross between an old walkman and a record player lol

Not a bad price for an external blu ray drive either! Costs less than what I paid for my internal player a year ago :-(


Haha true acarczt. What I really like about this blu ray player is that it doesn't require an external power supply. I know what i'm getting if my internal blu ray player dies again.


Years ago, Plextor was the gold standard of CD/DVD burners.  (See Here)

They were priced that way too, but they had drives that actually WERE worth the extra cash. I have a Plextor 16X CD Burner in one of my Linux boxes that's old as dirt, but it still works perfectly.

If this drive has the same quality built-into it, it's a steal for 100 bucks.

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heh, yea I remember those times.

Pllextor was THE go-to drive. It was the faster, most compatible(supported the most formats) and most reliable.

I remember when they used to benchmark these things lol

Now adays Lite-On is my drive of choice. They're cheap and i've yet to have one fail on me.


That snice, yet why couldnt they add on an HDMI port and a Toshlink in case you wanted to use it as a player as well?


This is really only useful for laptops, because everyone else can buy an internal Blu-Ray reader...but at the same time are there really that many laptops that have the graphics power required to view Blu-Ray movies? Or am I just overestimating those requirements?

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It's a great option for netbooks if they have a powerful enough processor/GPU.


But that's my point: what netbook actually does? There are only about 5 models that use the ION chipset, for example. And anyway, who want to watch Blu-Ray videos on a 9-inch screen?

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Well, the netbook will probably have HDMI out as well, so it would be a good option when traveling :-)

You can watch your blu-rays on the plane, and then when you get to your hotel hook it up to your TV and watch more there :-)



Well this thing only Reads the blu rays. The actual decoding has to be done by the PC. If it was to become an actual stand alone player with HDMI out and Optical out then it would probably add like an extra 100 bucks...which is then creeping into PS3 territory.


I agree Chainzsaw...

That is why I have always touted the PS3 as the best choice for your HT needs. If the WD media player was combined with a BD player then it might be a viable option. When it comes to a HT setup, I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to components.

I still find it cheaper and easier to just hook up the PC to the bigscreen to watch HD content instead of trying to keep up with all the latest seperates.