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40 hours dosnt seem that long. didnt some korea guy do it for 3 days or something? Also why are we having dumb contest like this, it should be on the pc not ps3


where did you get 3 days from? I goggled non-stop gaming record and came up with 40 Hours.

Also you asked why... Because they can and this is the stuff we like too see 😛. This is not dumb :)

But, i could never last 40 hours gaming, and its just racing, i would get bored so fast :(

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I could probably game for 40 hours straight lol


Yea i did 40 hours once on a bet (though i did go to the bathroom). but i remember reading about this korea guy that was said to have died from playing WoW for 3-4days

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40 hours playing a racing game. Please note that this is for racing games and not for overall longest time playing games, still I wonder how long he can do it without getting bored racing the same tracks over and over again.

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If he died from playing games 3-4 days straight he already had something wrong with him.

Also... i've gone on some pretty long gaming binges lol Even Playing racing games... If I knew the record was set so low, i'd have made an attempt at it long ago lol


To set the record straight, the Korean dude died playing StarCraft for 50 hours...but not strictly speaking continuously, since he took brief naps and toilet breaks. And this was in public, at an internet cafe.

Honestly, I think this sort of contest is despicable. I will admit I'm at the "addiction" level where I can sit down to a game and not be able to tear myself away for hours (I think the longest I made it was "only" 8 hours, and only one time) but this is just sick. Encouraging something like they have no shame? How can they promote crapping into a sock, pissing into a cup, and having Red Bull fed into you intravenously for at least 40 hours straight?

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lol People have broken records far more stupid than this lol


Why are you guys talking about racing games? They said Red Dead Redemption, which is even worse. Unless, you think riding on a horse and shooting people is a racing game.


How is the game red dead? havnt got a chance to play it yet.

If this contest was for a game like battlefield, counter strike, or some kind of mmorpg it would be so easy.

Also are you able to pee in a bottle or do you have to hold it for the contest


@fat78: I invented a device for when I was addicted to EQOA and would play for such a long time continuously it would make that anecdotal Korean guy look like a quitter. I called it the "PeeDock." OK, it was just a bottle on a tiny rolling Ikea table, nut still.

The report on the South Korean guy (henceforth "the SKG") was on BBC News, so it's reliable. Most of the rest of the chatter has classic Urban Legend attributes: "Everyone knows a story about..." "There are many reports of..." And while I'm sure that there have been deaths while playing videogames (gamers tend not to be such heart-healthy people after all), I think it's rarer than the popular (and sensationalist) press would have us believe. A plot on Boston Legal, which was about a latchkey game-addicted kid and a mom working overtime, probably has been quoted as a real case by someone with an axe to grind.

The SKG, and other reputed deaths, mostly have to do with people fatiguing themselves to the extreme-- not videogames per se. Synopsis: You're safe, guys, just cut down on the cheeseburgers and hit the gym every once in a while.

I wonder, though: Performance tends to degrade after 16 hours doing anything, no matter how fascinating the task. Are they going to subtly switch to "Easy" setting halfway through?

And why are we amazed at a mere 40 hours? Guinness no longer records self-destructive feats, but when they stopped, the record was 276 hours; claims have been made of up to 449 hours. I guess they're stopping at 40 because after 60 hours or so awake most people hallucinate-- and when the game is essentially Grand Theft Auto with horses, maybe you don't want that as source material.


He'll probably look something like this when he beats the record. 

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What are the rules on bathroom breaks, eatting and naps?

Not allowed?


well i know that most people arnt going to die from playing video games, i am just wonder what happened with that korea guy. Why was he playing so long?