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A friend of mine is building a new computer in order to play upcoming games like Starcraft 2 and Final Fantasy XIV online. I told him that he should go with 860 because it is part of the i7 family, uses a LGA 1156 socket (cheaper motherboard purchase) and efficient for games that is relative to the price. He believes that 930 is the way to go because of the bus speed. Based on the cost the 930 will incur and other factors, I disagreed with him because it is expensive with a purchase of a LGA 1366 motherboard and he will not be able to full utilize the processor if he uses it for gaming only.

So what should he do? He is concerned about the budget. Should he opt for a 860 or a 930?

Super Dave

That question has sparked some lively debate! Have your friend take a look HERE, Kyouya. Also, have him take a look at THIS thread posted by Eunoia.