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OCZ Technology Unveils the RevoDrive with up to 80,000 IOPS, the World’s Fastest Consumer Solid State Drive

OCZ Increases Performance but not the Price of High-End PCIe Solid State Storage


SAN JOSE, CA - June 29, 2010 - OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: OCZ), a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and memory modules for computing devices and systems, releases the RevoDrive PCI-Express SSD, an innovative storage solution that focuses on both performance and affordability for consumers. The new RevoDrive was developed to push the limits of economical SSD technology to deliver a revolutionary product with a remarkable price point.

Moving beyond the bottleneck of SATA II (3Gbps), the OCZ RevoDrive features a PCIe interface to deliver superior speeds over 500MB/s reads and random small file writes up to 80,000 IOPS, nearly twice the speed of other consumer SSDs. Thanks to a proprietary RAID 0 design, the RevoDrive maximizes data access and bandwidth to promote a faster, more responsive PC experience compared to not only hard drives, but other SSDs on the market.

“The RevoDrive is the first PCIe SSD that delivers both performance and affordability and radically alters the SSD landscape,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of the OCZ Technology Group. “Up to this point PCIe SSDs have been reserved for enterprise applications and priced out of the range of many consumers, the bootable RevoDrive SSD changes the game by delivering a PCIe based solution that costs as low as $3 per gigabyte, exceptional small file write IOPS of over 80K, which is the most available in any low-cost solution.”

Unlike competing PCIe solutions, the RevoDrive is bootable, ensuring the satisfaction of quicker boot-ups, load times, and computing, all while promoting cooler, quieter, and more energy efficient conditions compared to traditional mechanical hard drives.

Offering ample storage for the latest operating systems, game titles, and applications, the OCZ RevoDrive will be initially available in 120GB and 240GB capacities, with MSRPs of $389.99 and $699.99.


Wow that is a pretty mice option Boot able, Wicked fast, and relatively inexpensive comparably. Kinda running straight on OCZ's past game plan which also seems to be the best in the market right now to me.

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Wicked cool... but at that price I'll stick with my (much cheaper) 2TB USB3 drive.


Wonder if soft raid is required if you raided them, since you'd raiding a raid if you put them in multiple slots.


@Allaun: I wouldn't even want to try that. Besides, if you could afford more than one of these, you probably have the tech knowledge to solve that particular problem, or the bucks to hire someone who does.

OCZ is a great company, I've come to realize. (Even though I'm not getting the performance out of my Agility SSD that they said I would.) Now I'm hoping that they'll go down in storage, and down in price-- though it's clear that a lot of the price isn't just in the memory, but in the wicked fast controller. A super fast SSD has no place as your application drive, except for a few carefully chosen ones which really need the speed; but booting from one makes things run a whole lot smoother. I think I could get all my apps on that 240 GB unit, and would therefore spend $700 frivolously.

Since the 32 GB is doing such a bang-up job on Windows, Firefox, and World of Warcraft, I could probably do with a quarter of the capacity of their low-end model, and if it were half the price (keeping the same speed) it'd be über tempting.


ClemSnide wrote:

if it were half the price (keeping the same speed) it'd be über tempting

The God-Awful prices!

That's the problem with Solid State Drives. They want to keep them more than I want to buy them, so far. For the right price, I would be buying them for every computer I own and work on. Until that happens I'll just read about them and laugh.