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In addition to the 3D-Ready laptop we told you about earlier, Toshiba is expanding its consumer laptop line with quite a few new models. First up are the new Satellite A665 and Satellite M645. Both of these models are feature-packed entertainment laptops with two new features: Toshiba Sleep-and-Music and Resolution+ DVD Upconversion. Sleep-and-Music lets you play music through the laptop speakers while it is powered down. As you might guess from its name, Resolution+ DVD Upconversion will upconvert standard-definition movies to improve the look and feel of the picture and make it more like HD. The Satellite A665 starts at $799.99 and Satellite M645 at $729.99; both models come in two screen sizes – 16-inch and 14-inch.

Toshiba Satellite M645

Another new model, the Satellite T235 provides everyday mobility at mainstream price points. With its 13.3-inch screen, The T235 could substitute for a netbook. A sister model, the Satellite T215 offers an 11.6-inch screen. The T200 Series measures an inch thick and weigh less than four pounds. Prices start at $469.99.

Toshiba Satellite T235

For budget-conscious users and back to school shoppers, the Satellite C600 series starts at $449.99. This series offers 14-inch and 15.6-inch display options as well as DDR3 RAM and hard drives ranging from 250GB to 320GB. The notebooks also feature Toshiba’s durable Trax textured finish which helps resist fingerprints.

Toshiba Satellite C645

Finally, Toshiba's current L-series is being expanded with more screen size choices, more color options and more configurations. The L-series features both Intel and AMD processors. This series includes the Satellite L635 (starting at $619.99), the Satellite L645 (starting at $515.99), the Satellite L655 (starting at $569.99) and the Satellite L675 (starting at $599.99).

Toshiba Satellite L645

All of the new laptops will be available on June 20.


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