I know my way around a MAC OS pretty well but know nothing of the hardware....someone gave me a G4 Quicksilver model with 512 RAM, 933 MHZ far can I go in hardware changes with processor, Ram, MB, Video etc.....? what do I need to look for on parts? Or should I just bag it and let the kids use it?

Der Meister

Since its a Power PC, I wouldn't bother.  It would cost too much to upgrade it.


thx for the you think it is a good enough machine to learn Unix?

Der Meister

Yep, its one of the best because if you mess it up your not out much. 


It may not be much for upgrades, but if it still works the way it's supposed to then it's a good little computer for the kids to enjoy.

I still had a G-4 iMac Mini on the shelf, many years old, that I just gave to my niece not long ago to use for her coin business. She says it's perfect for what she's doing and it still works great.

So, if it works, don't fix it.


I gave a similar model [mirror drive door 1ghz G4] away when an Intel based Mac Mini fell into my lap. You can put up to 2GB RAM, if your motherboard supports DDR RAM its DDR266 but DDR333 will work, just not DDR400, if its PC100/133 then its just hard to find. If you can get an Apple video card BIOS on it any AGP8x card should work your best bet is a PC version of the ATI Radeon 9000 series cards for a video upgrade as most of them will work out of the box with OS X.


It uses PC100..but I have lots of high will it read?...on the PC side most of those system did not read more than 512.


512MB is as big as the chips come if you can find em, they are hard to find in that size and the folks who have them charge through the nose for them. i think the quicksilver models with PC100 max out @ 1.5gb or 3x 512MB.  This site should be helpful.