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Consumer-grade SSDs are fast, without a doubt, but those who demand extreme performance at any cost, or perhaps for enterprise applications, the fastest SSDs on the market are PCI Express-based, like the ioDrive and ioXtreme from Fusion-io, for example. OCZ also offers their Z-Drive with similar performance, though while these speed demons are available for purchase, only a fraction of consumers can afford their sky high asking prices. As with most technology though, wait a few months and something faster, smaller, and more affordable with come along to shake things up a bit.

At Computex 2010, we were introduced to the OCZ Revo drive. This game changer is a PCIe based SSD that addresses two near-fatal flaws of Fusion's ioDrive - not bootable and crazy expensive. With read/write speeds exceeding 500MB/s, boot drive capability, and only a 15% price premium over current SSD options from OCZ, the Revo drive is set to make a significant impact on the SSD market and not just in the enterprise or workstation markets but at the consumer level as well.  Hit the video link for more details and a guided tour by the lovely Jessica from OCZ... 


You need to get a full review of the OCZ rep WOW! This is just dream's, but wow those stats she gave out are sweet, can you imagine grabbing a couple of the puppies then running them on two PCI-X16 slots in raid 0 talk about data barn burning, Hot damn!!!!!

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I think we have a different meaning for affordable lol SSDs as they stand they are hardly affordable.


Thanks for the shot of the overstuffed girl in the white shirt. She was easy on the eye! Especially at 1080P resolution.

These parts are fantastic, but the cost of them is way beyond the regular guys means.

Hopefully this will change one day.


The SSD I decided on (an OCZ offering) is nice, though not as impressive as I had been led to believe. The thing is, despite what some people say here, it's affordable-- if you're going for a futureproof system, one that will last for five or six years and not become dog-slow in comparison, an SSD for at least the boot drive is the only way to go.

And I agree with Rapid1: An in-depth review is definitely called for. Then you can give the test unit away as the next contest prize. ...Or a date with Jessica. Either one's good.