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The world has come a long way in the world of embedded computing, with more and more power now able to s[censored]ze onto integrated circuits versus having to use discrete processors and the like. Integrated graphics are far more powerful now than they were, and integrated processors in general are far more capable now than ever before. But there is still a long ways to go in making fewer things discrete, namely the battery. The battery has held back innovation in consumer electronics for as long as portable devices have been around; regardless of how great a design is, there must always be consideration made for a battery. Drats.

Oki Printed Circuits is hoping to change our opinion on these batteries by making them easier to integrate into future devices, possibly eliminating the need for external batteries altogether. The company recently showcased a prototype board with an all-solid-state Lithium-Ion battery (rechargeable) at the JPCA Show in Japan, which actually has a battery embedded into a printed circuit board. We were pretty impressed when we heard that Asus managed to embed an integrated ATI Radeon 5000 series GPU into a standard ATX desktop motherboard, but this feat may be even more amazing.

The battery on the PCB is a product of Infinite Power Solutions, with an output voltage of 4.2V and capacity of 0.7mAh. Obviously this is fairly weak at the moment, but things could always be scaled up in time. The prototype is simply using the integrated battery to turn on and off a LED lamp, but in the future it could be used to remotely power far more powerful objects or even keep your entire motherboard running in case of power failure in your home.

The company hopes to bring the product to market in 2011, with the help of "several corporate partners."


Hmm interesting, but even a Li-Ion battery shows wear over time. I know that time is considerably more than a NMh battery, but it still happens even if it is just a wear/charge energy pattern.


I don't know Rapid?

Just like the Human body, the only reason we age and die and is because of the external dynamics that we continuously stress on the body. in a sterile environment with just the right amount of sustenance life could be infinite.

If this battery could be kept at just the right environment, the theory is sound. When I first saw these batteries I was very impressed and said Bout time. now if we could just get everyone on the Hydrogen fuel cells for the car and the home we would all be better off! yet if we did then everyone would not know what to do without gas oil and all the politics and money involved. Can you imagine...A world without gas stations, power plants, electric bills, politicians!


Neat. I could see in maybe 3-4 years nearly every device in a computer having one of these, so in case of a power failure, the computer could stay on for another 2-3 minutes (without a UPS), enough time to shut down and save your work!

Maybe some how they could write up some software so you could even see how much total power your entire system has left with all the combined Li-Ion batteries, and could evenly distribute it if one device's integrated Li-Ion runs out of juice.