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Pardon me Ray. YOU feel old using 3DMark 06? Back in my day, we tested 3DMark 99 in that newfangled DirectX 6! Those were the days when CPUs were CPUs, you needed two GPUs if you wanted top gaming performance (one for 2D, one for 3D), and an overclocking heatsink cost $15.


Great its been a while cant wait for it to come out. The Deep sea demo was amazing really liked the MSI subs could have tossed in a Asus and Gigabyte!! LOL But really cant wait I really would like to get a copy of the Free version sooner but guess just got to wait. Now this is going to take us to a new realm in the OCing community getting more aggressive testing and feeding that addiction for the need to have the best you can afford and the fastest. I Love IT!!!


Cool,... I can't wait to see it.

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After watching that video. I am convinced on what DirectX 11 can do, it actually looks like a combination of real-life and a CG-animated movie. I think this is the future of gaming, I think that this is the visual quality games should be using DirectX 11 for. Blurring the line between reality and virtual reality. But I haven't seen a game that could do what 3DMark 11 could do (closest thing would be the Unigine benchmark), these game makers need to get up, look at 3DMark 11, and create the best damn game they can.


Looks really good. Watch it in 720p. 

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You mean like Crisis? A game that acquires an (unfair) reputation for only being able to run on high-end GPU hardware? 😛 If you check the Steam Hardware Survey (you'll need to click on "More Info" to get an absolute readout), just 3.29% of the market is using a DX11 GPU in Win 7 / Win Vista. Since almost all games these days are developed first for console and all consoles are DX9, that's a one-two punch as far as getting DX11-optimized titles out the door with any kind of speed.

Right now, the existing DX11 titles--the actual games--are basically DX10 titles with some DX11 effects. Don't expect that to change anytime soon. While we'll see more games using DX11 for more stuff, DX11 itself is largely an improved, optimized version of DX10 with a few new features and tessellation.

The other way to look at it is that DX10 GPUs now account for 54 percent of the market, which means we may finally start to see a lot of DX10 games that take full advantage of *that* API.