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Sweet, price looks good for entry level rig.

Wonder why they went with the Nvidia 480 on the Extreme? Not that have anything against Nvidia but the 5970 is the top dog. Being that they are running a 750 watt power supply also an overclocked processor I would have went with the 5970 or at least up that power supply to a 1000 watt.


Um, you can always change the parts to fit your needs, they aren't pre-built systems. 😃 what u mentioned is around $350 more.

DigitalStorm is just a great company, they always giving you the options for the best built 😃!

Der Meister

Not bad, its looks close to what i have with out, the cool look, yet!


Looks nice, but since I got my new rig I haven't found any normal towers (yes this is a normal tower) that truely excite me.


What case did you use, InfinityzeN? I'm looking for a tower for a new build, and this one delights me with it's vertical orientation.

Anyone know of a 3rd party case that has vertically oriented PC card slots like this one? That or if it's possible to just buy a Black OPS case outright?


Sure! We're using the new SliverStone FT02 chassis with this new PC. Obviously we didn't design the chassis ourselves, but, rather we're taking the chassis, liquid cooling system, and our overclocking and creating a product behind it.