Guys I cant wait to get back online here Im missing all these good reveiws and new toys.

I am [censored]ring on all these toys that I,ve been missing and would love to add them to my [censored]nal. Of course I could never keep up with some of you guys (Raid) but  like what Im seeing. Here in the near future I will pay off my daughters car off then maybe I can do an upgrade.


Phenom 965 or

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T

WD VelociRaptor 600GB

ATI Radeon HD 5870

Right some of this would be unlikely but it would be nice like the Phenom 965 and that WD Raptor 600 that would be fine but you never can tell. At the very least the 965 and a New moniter what you think! I get some time I want to see what all upgrades you guys have done since I,ve been gone, looks like a lot of things and upgrades.


Hey AMD. Good to see you around!


bob_on_the_cob wrote:

Hey AMD. Good to see you around!


Thanks BOB I still dont have internet at home yet but I,ve been at a good friends house for a few days just hanging around. Been sick have,nt been out of my house much at all so my friends came over and kidnapped me and dragged me over to their house. Good solid friends arent very easy to come by sometimes , but I appreciate my friends and was glad to get out a little and they have some fantastic home cooking LOL! So I,ve been able to get on their NEW computer that I built for them yesterday and their so excited by the speed differance from what they had they wont let me go home yet.They went from 800mhz and 358mgs of ram to 3.0ghz and 2.0gigs of ram also from a 15gig HD to a 500gig HD!  But like I said good company and Dang good food.Hopefully my finances will let me get back online soon cause I really miss being involved around here![Y]  LOt of new hardware has been coming out and I,ve been missing it all.I,ll have to get back and se what all of you have been doing to your own Rigs and try to keep up with all of you Well maybe not RAID he,s got too much money! LOL but he sure is having enough fun for all of us!