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When you're Microsoft, there's one thing you can do to pretty muchguarantee huge revenue streams: create a new desktop operating system.The company announced their third-quarter earnings today, and if you'rea Microsoft investor, you can't help but be happy. Microsoft announcedrecord third-quarter revenue of $14.50 billion for thequarter ended Mar. 31, 2010, a 6% increase from the same period of theprior year; net income was listed at $4.01 billion, which represents a35% increase from this period a year ago. Needless to say, Windows 7seems to be driving things rather significantly, and it's all in theright direction.

Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft, was obviouslypleased with the results: "Windows 7 continues to be a growth engine,but we also saw stronggrowth in other areas like Bing search, Xbox LIVE and our emergingcloud services. Our record third-quarter revenue along with continuedrigor on cost management resulted in exceptional EPS growth."

When looking specifically at Windows revenue, that was up 28% comparedto this quarter last year, with Windows 7 demand deemed "strong."Today, over 10% of all PCs in the world have made the transition toWin7, making it the "fastest-selling operating system in history."What's really interesting here is the lack of talk surrounding Bing,Zune and Xbox. We know Windows 7 is the main driver here, but notessurrounding those other sectors would've been great. In fact, shares ofthe company dipped after the results were announced, signaling thatinvestors were happy (but not happy enough) about the results.

It's tough to impress these days, it seems.
Marius Malek

Awesome. It seems that this huge profit is due mainly to Microsoft actually doing things right this year. Windows 7 has been a huge success, I can't wait to get me a copy for this computer soon. I know for a fact that it will definitely run better and utilize my RAM more.

I think what Microsoft is doing for Windows XP and Xbox Live is a good idea. It know that it will hurt a small population of people who still use XP when driver support and updates are no longer available, but technology does not wait. Every computer at my school runs off of Vista, and they are almost all more than four years old. Even year old netbooks run off of XP at my school.

I haven't had a good chance to really mess with Win7 until yesterday when my uncle had bought an eMachine to handle his Quickbooks. The OS runs beautifully. The glossy interface doesn't bog down your computer, everything is smooth, quick and crystal clear. I have to say that I'm jealous of his single core processor eMachine just because it has a better OS than I do. That will change sooner enough though, when I get my student ID and snag a copy for $30.

Xbox's about time. For three years now Microsoft has been crippled since they were still offering online support for original xbox games. Specifically because Halo 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory still had a high population of people that played it. By allowing this support, Microsoft wasn't able to give customers like me better benefits. Like...a higher friends list for example. I'm not entirely sure how the coding worked, but it was in conflict with orignal xbox games and would not work. Now that those games and services are out of the picture, Microsoft can focus better on expanding their Xbox 360 platform services.

Project Natal needs to go into effect within a year. There are a lot of rumors flying around about how Natal will react with certain games. The most important question: is how will us gamers react to those games. Will playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier with project Natal make us better or worse players? Personally if I'm going to mimic the mannerisms of a soldier then I at least have to have a gun analog in my hand to simulate something.

Bing won't really make a generous amount of profits though. People have been conditioned for the past then years to use Google, and only google. After your muscles and your mind are conditioned for something, the only thing that will degrade that conditioning is neglect of that ability. But for people with computers, that never happens. I mean, when someone asks a question most of our replies are, "google it".


Of course they are doing good. It is the perfect platform for Adult content unlike Apple :P


The way people are getting burned in the market it is very tough to please investors indeed. I think until things settle down the market will remain bumpy for the foreseeable future.


Hey Marius when you get your student copy make sure to get professional. I use 64 bit as well and have not had a single difficulty with anything, where that was not the truth with Vista. Plus with a student discount there should not be any difference in cost if I remember correctly

Marius Malek

Yeah, if I remember from my peers you can get a copy of Win7 for like $30. Rapid, you think that I should get Win7 64bit Professional? Any particular reason? I only asked because I've only ever been exposed to Home Premium and then Ultimate.

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Am I remembering wrong, or did Apple report profits were up something like 4 billion and they made $13.5B for the quarter a few days back, right? Considering where they were last year at the same time, does that mean that Apple will surpass Microsoft by the end of the year? [boggles]


You make a lot of money when you are THE BORG.

"prepare to be assimilated",........."resistance is futile"


Seven of Nine...Is Mine ! [:P]

I already built her Alcove, Now I just need to know how to reprogram her[H]

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Just use the classic geek pickup line: "Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"


That sounds like something a Lower Merion School teacher would say!

I thought the classic Geek pickup line was "Gee do you know,.... you look like the princess of Alderan!"