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Get Lucky With The HotHardware, Intel and iBuyPower SweepstakesTo commemorate the St. Patrick's Day holiday, we announced an exciting sweepstakes, along with our friends at Intel and iBuyPower, in which we planned to give away a custom, fully loaded Intel Core i7-980X-powered system, complete with a Radeon HD 5870 pushing the pixels, an Intel X25-M SSD, and a head-turning Chimera Inferno 2 case.

The response we received after the announcement of the contest and throughout its duration was awesome with hundreds of new members joining our community, posting thousands of comments throughout the forum and news. Before we announce the winner, we want to extend a big thank you to everyone that made this contest possible and of course to all of our loyal community members who participated.

Well, we've had a chance to sift through all of the data and we’ve picked a lucky winner.

She's All Yours, 3vi1!

Are you ready for it? Drum roll please! And the Winner Is...


Congrats brother! You've just scored yourself once heck of a killer rig!

Now everyone, congratulate your pal and prepare for our next exciting give-away! We've actually got more awesome rigs on tap for you all in the coming weeks / months--the giving just never stops around here! Once we've got the details hammered out, we'll announce the next contest, but we promise it won't be long. :)

Team HotHardware

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Congratulations 3vi1. Who could of thought you would of won eh?


Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd /Trolls 2

Congrats 3vi1!!!! Woo!  Hope you like your new system!  Lucky dog!  Post some specs and shiz

Edit: Wow I turned that word into a silly form and it still blocked it lol


congrats 3vi1! Hope you enjoy this beast!


Congratulations 3vi1 on the win. This system is killer and will serve you well for a long time.

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I was very surprised when I got this news. In fact, the first thing I did was check the SMTP headers to make sure I wasn't being pranked.

I know, I know: that would be a pretty mean joke for some stranger to be playing on me. But, I had to check anyway because it's exactly the kind of thing I would think was funny to stage and pull on myself while I was drunk.

But, since it doesn't appear to be a hoax, I think this deserves a speech:

Thanks to Marco and Dave: I guess it speaks well of your fairness when someone with fanatical opinions and an arcane sense of humor can win something so awesome. Unfortunately for you, I'm too stupid to understand that this was a bribe meant to stop me from returning to your site.

Thanks to the regulars and new friends: There have been a few new personalities here lately, and more than a couple of you don't completely irritate me. I hope you'll all stick around and that one of you will win the next contest so that I can use the other speech I wrote decrying how unfair Dave and Marco are.

And finally, thanks to the contributing authors, whose articles are the main reason we come here: Even when I disagreed with an editorial slant, or quoted something you wrote out of context, or parked outside your house for hours late at night, you let it slide and didn't have me perma-banned. That's pretty cool.

Thanks everyone!


CONGRATS 3vi1! Well deserved bud, well deserved.

Super Dave

I'm really happy for you, 3vi1, as you have contributed so much for so seemed inevitable! I really enjoy your wisecracks and twisted sense of humor, too.


Nobody saw that one coming. But seriously, congratulations 3vi1! Hell of a rig you won here, you lucky dog. Can't wait for the next giveaway, and seeing how quickly this one was posted, I'm sensing another giveaway within the next few weeks.


Congratulations Brother!!!

I am so glad that is has gone to someone who will appreciate it :)

Of course now you get to put that systems specs at the bottom of your posts, denoting a winner!

Just try not to drink to much when you celebrate, when you get it!

We don't want to hear about how you replaced the liquid cooling system with beer:P


Congrats bro, thats one killer Rig you got!!


3vi1 wrote:

Thanks everyone!

So, I can expect that you'll SHOOT some pictures of it?


Way to go 3vi1! Congrats and shoot us some pics when you get it.  Hint Hint, show the inside, not just the outside!

Der Meister

congrats man!

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realneil wrote:

[quote user="3vi1"]Thanks everyone!

So, I can expect that you'll SHOOT some pictures of it?

First I'll have to answer the question:  "Will it Blend?"

OMG...  I just pictured all of you watching a YouTube and then coming to my house with pitchforks.

Yeah, I'll definitely take some pics, and probably post some benchmark stats as well.  I've been itching for an AMD/ATI card to test out how they've been progressing with their newer Linux drivers.  Of course, I'll keep Win7 as a dual boot, given the free license and all.