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During Apple's recent iPhone OS 4.0 event, the company's CEO (Steve Jobs) stated that around 450,000 iPad units had been sold in around a week in the United States. Now, that number is hovering around half a million. Basically, Apple never expected that many iPads to fly off of store shelves, and while Apple will certainly take the demand, it's putting them in a bind when it comes to distribution.

The company recently came forward with some rather annoying news if you're not living in America: there aren't enough iPad units to go around, and now the international launch is being delayed because of it. Basically, America is eating up every iPad that Apple can produce, and the company even admits that "demand is far higher than [they] predicted and will likely continue to exceed our supply over the next several weeks as more people see and touch an iPad."

This "surprisingly strong U.S. demand" has led to Apple delaying the international iPad launch by a month, until the end of May. Apple knows that the international community will be upset, but there's little they can do at this point. So, time to import, or just wait patiently?


Lol did they also think no one would buy their ipad?:D but its nice to see them having a nice amount of sales.


They are now doing the same turtleneck propaganda to the World that they have done to the US!

They made 300K for the first weekend, when there is 300Million people in the US. Remember only a month ago they were doing the same thing to us. Which ended up making people line up to buy them, and making the evening news. 1 Out of a Million, Yeah lets introduce a product with lottery type production and act like we underestimated and its not our fault. I would have respected them more if they just came out and said in this slow economy we have to cut back production until revenue reaches demand. But, then it would fall by the wayside like all other electronics that get introduced each month. Only they would not survive the customer satisfaction phase because they didn't build it with all the good features to begin with.

Like I said before, this just reminds me of a big budget movie. Put a big name actor in it, Hype it to the extreme, let everyone rush out to see it the first week, Hit big. Then after two weeks when the numbers drop to nothing, write it off and blame someone else. Yeah, Cristian Bale got 40Mill for it, but it was the camera mans fault 😛 Never mind that it was a remake of "stop, or my mom will shoot"!

The last paragraph was Hypothetical.


i'd rather have a good ol laptop than this thing, but also i have no idea about apple products.


I'm still curious how many Canadians went down to the US to get the iPad when it was released. I know 5 people myself (and I was nearly one of them).


This might give other products a chance if they can get them out in time.


This gives people the chance to sell them for twice the price on E-Bay to overseas customers until the supply channel catches up with demand.

There are units going for 1200 dollars on E-Bay right now that sold originally for 600 last week.

That's good, now they can turn around and buy two HP Slates :)

Or at least get one for free[8-|]

That is if the HP Slate can be released in this time frame. I don't even recall if HP announced a release date for their Slate yet.

It wouldn't matter even if it gets released by Christmas.

That would just give them more time to go out and buy more IPads and Sell more on EBay, then make more profit.

Then they can go buy more Slates, or maybe Apple might then come out with one that has all the same features.