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How do you improve what's already the fastest GPU on the planet? By slapping the "world's best waterblock" on it and tossing the whole thing into your water cooling loop, of course! That's exactly what EVGA has done with their GTX 480 & 470 Hydro Copper FTW videocards.

Swiftech gets an assist for designing the waterblock, which sports a 0.6x0.6mm thin pin matrix. The base plate is made of chrome plated electrolytic C110 copper and includes high flow fittings in both 1/2" and 3/8" sizes. To ensure the whole package stays cool, a heatpipe runs along the bottom and connects to a power mosfet heatsink.

According to Nvidia, you can expect temps as low as 50C on the GTX 480 and just over 30C on the GTX 470, though obviously your results will depend on your setup.

Not letting that extra cooling go to waste, EVGA bumped up the core and memory clockspeeds on the GTX 480 variant to 750MHz and 3800MHz (effective), respectively, while the GTX 470 part cruises along at 650MHz (core) and 3402MHz (effective memory).

Look for the GTX 470 and 480 Hydro Copper FTW cards to sell for for $500 and $650, respectively.

Ok, Now even I admit this is a good idea!

I kept wondering when someone was going to watercool a GPU in a production model.

The Cuda's are really intriguing. But what I would really be interested in reviewing are the Tesla's! And a Watercooled Tesla would be really cool!

I just wonder what the ATI response is going to be to the Multi Tesla setups?

Der Meister

Times like these make me want to spend another 300 on a good WC loop.

Marius Malek

Ah, this is such a nice idea. I imagine that the 480 will run 50C's at idle speed? 

I would actually consider spending extra money on this, mainly because it eliminates the fan. Oh my god the fan. I hate GPU fans. They scare me, the faster they spin the more I'm afraid something is going to happen. 

Now, they need to create a "green" version with this tech, so the GPU temps are even lower! 


Funny thing is the temps match what the 5870 is on air. Although if you are going to water cool your card this would be the way to do it as EVGA has the lifetime warranty on all cards and being this is water cooled from the factory you are covered should a mishap occur. I would like to see how much more performance is stored in Fermi.


This is a VERY good idea, not to mention that's an awesome looking water cooling body. The one thing that was really hitting me about these new one's especially the 480 was heat and energy ramp. The energy ramp is an issue because it does not move above the manufacturers standard pretty much period. But the heat added extra difficulty for anyone upgrading to this component.


Cut's temps in half. Not to shabby. Wonder what watercooling setup they used to get those temps.


The looks of this cooling setup on the card is awesome. It keeps it small and temps low! what more do you want besides less power consumption? :P


My two cards average about 38-45c on air. Maybe these results (50c) are good for the new NVIDIA card, (hot running mother) but they're nothing special in the grand sceme of things.

(maybe I'm missing something. wouldn't be the first time)


Well realneil I think basically your missing or not taking into account the reduction in heat. I think the cards without water cooling run about 90 so a 40 degree reduction in heat is very good. I just like the way the rig looks to very understated and quietly strong looking water cooling implementation. I am of course not really worried about an Nvidia GPU right now, although I like seeing it come out, because AMD/ATI had no competition at all. A market with no competition is a sad market for a consumer.

I really just regret the time they took. ATI has the DX11 market largely in the bag now. Plus you know they have been working on the upgrades to the 5800 series as well. I imagine this card will be out to about mid summer, then ATI will debut whatever there answer to this is. I think the first will be a fully updated 5970 with 2 x 5870 GPU's, rather than the current 2 x 5850 GPU's with 2 gig's at least of memory maybe more.

However; if anyone recall's ATI/AMD was already talking about upping there R&D game a few months back. So they may just have a 6000 series coming mid summer to early fall. Who knows, but I have not heard a word about what they will release next yet anywhere.

Either way I think this card if I were considering it right now would have to have a cooling implementation like this or better. The energy/PCI-X bus usage is one thing, the heat is a whole added factor. Think of one of these in a system cooled on air with 12Gb memory 2 of these and a 6 core processor, I guess it will lower your heating bill (maybe your electric if you use a space heater in your room) as well!


Rapid1: "not taking into account the reduction in heat"

I understand that the water cooled them down immensely,........just like it should.

My point was that they really run hot as hell to begin with. Most of us are constantly seeking ways to cool our systems down, and we feel like we accomplished something when something we did means that we get another 3c or 4c cooler performance.

Just adding the GTX480 stock card to your system raises the temps by how much? Another thread here on has a graphic in one of the posts that portrays the heat signature of these new cards perfectly. Look for the graphic called "Cooking Times" to see what I mean.

So this water cooled card delivering the same temps as my air cooled ATI 5850 and NVIDIA GTX-285 cards is underwhelming at best, for an extra 50 bucks on top of an already large price.

Remember also that you have to have all of the other expensive water cooling apparatus in place first to use this card properly.


Agreed. On air alone, this beast may as well be a space heater. I think it's great that the waterblock lowers the temp to 50C but damn, where was it to begin with?  That aside, EVGA did a fantastic design job.  The card looks amazing with the waterblock and heatsink and infinitely better than the fanned version.


Heard about this a few days back because EVGA sent me an e-mail about it. Lately, EVGA has done a water cool FTW card so I figured they would do one for the GTX 480/470.

I'm curious how this will compare to the Danger Den one.

Marius Malek

I think this technology should be applied to the ATI series, they already have great performance and low power/heat adding this would literally make the cards run stone cold. I can dig it. 


Marius Malek wrote:

I think this technology should be applied to the ATI series, they already have great performance and low power/heat adding this would literally make the cards run stone cold. I can dig it. 


You mean a water cooling block added by the manufacturer? It has already been done.

The card is manufactured by PowerColor and the water block looks to be by EK.