I got my laptop back in december, as a christmas gift.

About two weeks ago, when I enter my password in, and hit enter, it would start to load, then just say logging off, so, we connected the hard drive to our desk top, to copy all the files to the desk top, then restore my laptop.

The problem is, when connected, the desktop doesn't let you view the 68 gigs of memory in the folders.

They are NOT visible at all. Is there anything I can do?


Can you see the hard drive at all in my computer? Is the hard drive encrypted? If so with what program.

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Are you getting any messages at all when you click on the hard drive. Did you go into "Folder Options" and clicked on "Show hidden files, folders, and drives"?

Also I don't know of any computer logging on then logging off after you entered your password. Did you do chkdsk /r on the drive?

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  1. I'm assuming both the laptop and the desktop were running Windows, correct?
  2. Did you try bringing the laptop up in safe mode?
  3. How exactly did you connect the laptop drive to the laptop?  Are you using a USB/IDE adapter?
  4. You said the desktop doesn't let you "view the 68 gigs of memory in the folders".  Does that mean you can see folders from the laptop drive, just not their contents?  Or, are you not seeing the drive at all?
Sounds like you are having a file sharing problem.

Most new systems have permissions set to each specific owner, and don't recognize through other computers.
If you can start the laptop in safe mode, make sure your permissions are all set to open (under the Administrator folders).


Any other drives you wish to use, you also need to take ownership.

do you know what the 68 gb stuff are?

Like you don't know what they are they could be part of the OS or stuff like that.

But if they're like important files then the only way is safe mode.