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When it comes to hard drives, only a few things really matter. Size,durability, and size. Did we mention size? Toshiba understands thedemands of the storage world, and the company has really stepped thingsup lately by pushing the areal density boundaries in order to delivertwo of the highest-capacity 2.5" HDDs in existence today.

Two new additions of their 5,400RPM drives have been announced, withdrives as high at 1TB now available. Best of all, the units have a9.5mm height, which means that they'll fit nicely into standardnotebook spaces. For notebooks with larger spaces, the 12.5mm MKxx59GSMseries offers 750GB and 1TB of storage. These two new product offeringsexpand Toshiba's mobile HDD productline into the highest-capacity segment of the 2.5-inch HDD market andrepresent the company's first mobile HDD platforms developed with thecombined engineering resources from the integration of Fujitsu's HDDbusiness, which Toshiba acquired last fall. 

If you're curious as to how Toshiba has managed to reach such heights,the company has anticipated just that. Have a listen. To deliver thesenext-generation storage capacities, Toshiba hasimplemented Advanced Sector Format technology in both families.  Thistechnology uses 4K byte-per-sector formatting and improvederror-correcting code (ECC) functions, providing maximum data integrityand making efficient use of the storage surface area.  Toshiba isguiding efforts to ease industry transition to the advanced 4Kbyte-per-sector format, while continuing to provide a full line ofmobile HDDs, including models that support the legacy 512byte-per-sector configuration.

Toshiba's MKxx59GSM series and MK7559GSXP drives are scheduled to shipto PC manufacturers and distributors in the second and third quartersof 2010, respectively, but pricing has yet to be established.

The MK7559GSXP HDD features an areal density of 541.4Gbit/in^2, making it ideal for mobile applications in which capacity iskey, including notebook computers and portable storage products.  TheseHDDs also are well-suited for devices that value high capacity in asmaller footprint with improved acoustic performance and lower poweroperation compared to larger form factor HDDs.  Those applicationsinclude all-in-one desktops, televisions and set top boxes.  

At 12.5 millimeters-high, the MKxx59GSM seriesis geared to external add-on and removable storage, tape replacementand docking station applications, as well as addresses the escalatingdemand for capacity and portability in gaming notebooks, mobileworkstations and other capacity-hungry applications.  The 1TB MK1059GSMmodel can store up to 285,000 digital photos, 263,000 digital musicfiles or 820 digital movies.


Alright...Good to see companies taking the next step!

Now I just wish they would walk a little faster.

I am surprised that it is Toshiba to first hit this mark. Hopefully now we can see those specials at BB start to get 500GBHD's in them?

Personally, I have never had any amazement's with the Toshiba drives. ON the other hand, I have never had any letdowns either.Maybe since they merged with Fujitsu, they will lower prices at the starting gate?

Now the home entertainment side is a whole other matter.


Is it realistic to expect the average consumer to fully saturate a 1TB capacity notebook with enough data in less time than it would likely take to move on to a new notebook? I'm not saying it can't happen, I'm just wondering if this scenario is realistic for the average notebook consumer. Please chime in anyone.


Last year I bought the biggest laptop hard drive out for my netbook. It was 500GBs. That is some crazy progress. I guess with SSDs on there heels they have to step it up with size. That is the only plus hard drives really have for laptops.


Not even much in size Bob. Since you can actually buy 1024GB SSDs, the only thing that 2.5" HDDs have is price.


@ InfinityzeN

yeah but the price difference is just so gargantuan that for most people i think a hdd would be the only viable option.


InfinityzeN wrote:

Not even much in size Bob. Since you can actually buy 1024GB SSDs, the only thing that 2.5" HDDs have is price.

Oh wow I didn't know they have 1TB 2.5 in SSDs. I knew about the PCIe OCZ one.


Yep, the 1TB SSD came out last year.  They actually beat HDDs to that point.  So for 2.5" HDDs, the only area they actually win in is price (by a long shot).