animatortom wrote:

This seems like a really good concept. Yet as a former kid myself 🙂

I am sure they will find a way around this faster than it can be installed. Kids today are very technically inclined. Just look at all those ignition locks that have been disabled by the DUI offenders. Just like the Dinosaurs in Jurassic park, They will find a way. maybe like using a different cellphone Although I do trust kids to be more reliable towards a system like this than in the past.

Seems like where this is really needed is on our public transportation systems, like buses or Trains.


Since I live in southern California, everyone here drives cars. I have rarely taken public transport. The few times I have are when I have gone oversees for vacation in Asia. Can you enlighten me as to why something like this device would be need on public transportation systems?


Der Meister

humm lest see you get into an accident and the car is still on and you cant turn it of due to the accident, so you cant call for help and its like you never had a cell phone...


You can... it does not block 911 calls, only regular calls  :)

LOL RYU great answers :)