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Showing The Love: HH and Cyberpower PC SweepstakesTo commemorate the Valentine's Day holiday, we announced an exciting sweepstakes, along with our friends at Cyberpower PC, in which we planned to give away a custom, fully loaded Intel Core i7-powered system, complete with 4GB of RAM, an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, and a Kingston SSD--among numerous other goodies.

The response we received after the announcement of the contest and throughout its duration was absolutely fantastic with hundreds of new members joining our community, posting thousands of comments throughout the forum and news. Before we announce the winner, we want to extend a big thank you to everyone that made this contest possible and of course to all of our loyal community members who participated.

Well, we've had a chance to sift through all of the data and we’ve picked a lucky winner.

She's All Yours, Rapid1!

Are you ready for it? Drum roll please! And the Winner Is...


Congrats brother! You've just scored yourself once heck of a killer rig!

Now everyone, congratulate your compatriot and prepare for our next exciting give-away! We've actually got TWO awesome rigs on tap for you all in the coming weeks / months--the giving just never stops around here! Once we've got the details hammered out, we'll announce the next contest, but we promise it won't be long.  Regardless of how long  it takes to announce the next contest though, the fact that it's got a GULFTOWN processor in it, will make it worth the wait--we promise. The SSD, 6GB of RAM, Blu-Ray player, and liquid cooling kit are nice too. :)

Team HotHardware


Let me be the first to congratulate you-- well, actually, it's not your decision, it's just that I got here moments after your name was drawn from the hat.

Still, I know you'll enjoy it, and now we can go on to that ugly Alienware Area-51 giveaway. Right guys?


Congrats RAPID! I hope you enjoy your new system!


Congrats Rapid1 - well deserved!

Super Dave

Congratulations Rapid1 you lucky DAWG!


Congrats Rapid1. Enjoy the new killer rig!

BTW,...........Does he ever know yet? LOL!!


WAHOO!! Congrats rapid1!! Thoroughly deserved!

Can't wait to see the look on his face when he finds out!


I can normally spell the word 'even',....really. sigh,.........

Rapid one! Where are you? Heh-Heh!

He's normally all over this site, and when he wins he's AWOL!!

Congratulations again dude!


Oh wow I just typed out a big thank you and it auto refreshed (Blam gone). Oh well I had not stopped typing anyway so I will just keep on.


I cannot believe this I logged in to look over new articles, and read the 3D glasses article and the new Kingston Ram article and commented etc etc. Then I figured I would look at the contest to see if they had said anything about when the winner would be announced.

I am still flipping out! Me and Sarah were sitting here with head phones on, she'd on face book I checked e-mail, then started reading over and commenting on those articles. Then look here and I have won this beauty of a system.

I still cannot believe it this is awesome! Well I guess I do not have to worry about upgrading to an SSD anymore, not to mention all the other goodness in this beauty. OMG I cannot believe I have won. I have been trying for two years, and seen new people win one, longtime user's (back when I wasn't one) win them.

Wow; Dave, Marco and everyone else at HH you guys run one hell of a sight. Everyone else on here it's great to have you guys on here to, we have some awesome commentary and people to ask for advice, tips and everything else you guys make this a great site to. I cannot believe I have won.....DAMN!!! 🙂 🙂 :)


Lol rapid use Firefox xD to keep your post while it refreshes!

Also Marco is the GULFTOWN you talk about the alienware computer [;)] lol *hint*


Congratulations, rapid1! Definitely deserved.

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Congratulations dude!


Congrats Rapid1! Enjoy it man! We'll be contacting CyberPower on where to ship ASAP so send us your details. Mail to: and Thanks!


WOOT! Grats Rapid!