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For many of us, GPS devices make our lives easier. They help us find the best route to a meeting, a nearby Starbucks, or even help us avoid a nasty accident that is stopping traffic on the freeway. However, as GPS devices become more widely used, the potential for danger from a GPS jammer is becoming increasingly common. For instance, some emergency networks, power stations, and airports rely upon accurate timing of GPS signals. Should one of these signals become compromised by a GPS jamming signal, there could be serious consequences.

GPS jammers are used in potentially less harmful circumstances as well. In Germany, some drivers are reportedly using GPS jamming devices in order to avoid GPS-based road charges. Although it's illegal to sell or use these types of jammers in Germany as well as in the UK, the law isn't necessarily stopping people from doing so. Since a GPS jamming device that puts out approximately 2 watts is sufficient to disrupt a GPS signal in a vehicle that's within 10 feet of the device, it's conceivable that GPS jammers could be used to render stolen vehicles undetectable by law enforcement and other services such as OnStar.

For the military, GPS jamming devices present even greater threats. Some soldiers are using consumer grade GPS devices instead of the secure units provided by the military. These consumer grade devices are easily compromised by jammers, and the information could be used against the soldier carrying the unit, as illustrated in this video:

All is not lost, however. As the video also points out, there are secure GPS channels as well as unsecure ones. In addition, a system is currently in prototype stages in the UK that would detect jammers. Such a system could be deployed in airports, harbors, and other locations that depend on the accurate timing of GPS signals.
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I think that's the same guy who used to narrate sex-ed videos for my highschool.


3vi1, do you mean this video? -> 

I don't see a problem with these units as long as the possibility for misuse remains minimal. So military grade GPS jammers should be banned.

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lol... the military uses some pretty heavy duty jammers lol

I remember working for a Satellite ISP and our main client was the army. Our first question when they report and outtage is "Has a convoy recently driven by?" lol They would sometimes forget to turn off their jammers and knock out satellite service lol


I wonder how frequently a jammer is used on US soil.  That Garmin rhino they mentioned seems like a bad idea regardless of what you're using it for.


Hmmm 3vi1 seems to have been very concentrated on those [censored]ed videos in high school lol.

I really see how this could be used in negative intentional ways, as well as how it could put people in excessive danger as well. I mean think about a wide scale or mid scale jammer if a small one can do what it can, or even triangulation or some other method of blacking out an area.


Is that GPS a Walkie Talkie too?

Just imagine everyone with a jammer... Cosmical GPS would be a thing of the past... :)

LMFAO @ Gibbersome :D


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