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If you've never seen the work coming from the dev team behind Project Offset, the game engine Intel bought several years back, you really ought to take a look. While the game has been under development for over five years, Intel bought the firm two years ago and devoted a significant amount of energy towards positioning Project Offset as the showcase engine for what Larrabee could do. With Larrabee, if you recall, Intel was pushing the idea that real-time raytracing (RTRT) could replace traditional rasterization in 3D gaming. ATI and NVIDIA never took too kindly to the idea; the result was quite a bit of back-and-forth posturing about what could and couldn't be done with near-generation hardware.

Mom? Is that you?

Prowl through the available movies and demos and there's some strikingly beautiful artwork, including the screenshots above and the Blind Giant movie below.

Unfortunately, it's not clear where Project Offset is headed now. When Intel was working on Larrabee the nascent game engine was demo'd at IDF several times including last September. The Meteor demo is quite impressive—you can see it below or grab it here in HD.

When Intel canceled Larabee it said it would update the status of PO in 2010, but there's been no word as yet. As a fantasy FPS, Offset looked primed to deliver the sort of gameplay we haven't seen since Hexen. It's widely rumored that Intel was offering Offset as a potential development framework in its pursuit of the next-generation PS4/XBox 720. It's worth noting, however, that while Intel canceled its first-generation Larrabee, it never said it was canceling the entire project. A software development kit is supposedly in the works and Intel's original cancellation notice implied that GPU hardware did exist, but would be used internally.

Hopefully in the midst of the development possibilities, Larrabee confusion, and console chasing, the actual game gets out the door. Based on its artwork and gameplay videos, it'd be a shame for Offset to end up on the ash heap of Intel's (second) failed attempt to build a competitive GPU. Hopefully we'll learn more in the not-too-distant future.


To paraphrase The Naked Gun 2: The Smell Of Fear: "He gets around very well for a blind giant."


haha well we will just have to wait and see. I think just like the Nvidia video card release, and because we as market watchers have gotten used to an instantaneous release of products.

This project as well as Intel's GPU development whether truly scrapped or just brushed back under the rug we will not know until something is actually primed for market release. Much as I mentioned and specifically referring to the single site in all of the internet currently offering the new Nvidia cards for pre-order we expect release as an almost non-stop thing now. Many seem to be blindly following, and inherently reacting as well.

To talk about the Nvidia card, and have major publications which report on computer hardware in well known magazines internationally to be linking to one single site, with no other release announcements other than what this site (as well as nothing from the actual OEM) has, but still announcing and even linking to what looks like an absolute ripoff is almost beyond compare.

While this game or even Intel being involved in the making of GPU's as a future product still remains to be seen, I would have greater belief in the game at least for now. The thing is if the bought a publishing and development company, and there is no word of it being sold or closed, then it most likely is not.

As for development of this game and or anything coming out of this studio the game goes with the developer itself not Intel as a whole. So if they sell the development entity the game goes with them. If they don't then it gets released from or with Intel as the main financial backer. I was looking at the SWTOR site today, and it is funny people want quality construction on games. However; they cannot seem to wait for it, and in some cases will actually start bad mouthing the developer, when it is not released.

Basically we just watch and see where it goes. I think this game looks great, and would like to see it as well as ray tracing implementation on the market. It looks like a very efficient as well as sufficiently more appealing practice than what is presently used in games.


The introduction of ray tracing would really offset the market as Nvidia would really be the loser in the end as it produces no processors, but I also believe that ray tracing required an incredible amount of processing power so it will be interesting to see how this unravels and compares to conventional rasterization based graphics


Great explanation Komando. With CPU and GPU downsizing as well as memory shrinkage I could see a GPU that could handle it or even a combo device pretty soon. Remember the smaller they get the less the require and the cooler they run. Not to mention things like contained liquid cooling as well as cooling solutions for cards like TOXIC.

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Yea, people are rather impatient with game releases lol But if you want a quality product, it takes time!

Look at the Half Life Series from Valve. They take their sweet time with it, and every new installment just blows you away! I'd rather wait an extra year or 2 for a ridiculously awesome game.. then get something that feels rushed and incomplete.

As for this Project Offset engine. It looks pretty amazing and almost complete. I can't wait for it to come out, if it ever does anyway.


@clem he can hear his surrounding 😛 lol

this looks great but i'll need a new computer "ahumm HH 😃 lol" if i wanted to play this according to komandos post :D


By that analysis, Duke Nukem Forever should be the most awesome game on the planet.


Inspector wrote:

@clem he can hear his surrounding 😛 lol

Yes. Thank you for that clarification.



LOL!! Clem you have been on fire these past few days!

The game itself seems doomed, but maybe there's hope for the engine.

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LOL! Yea... if Duke Nuken Forever ever actually comes out it would be the most epic game on the face of this Earth.... according to my original statement anyway lol

Duke Nukem Forever does look more and more awesome every time we are teased with it. I doubt it will ever come out tho lol


This really looks incredible, hope they go through with development. I have always wanted to play a decent fantasy FPS (Oblivion was too clunky, Dark Messiah too simple), and this looks awesome. The gameplay demos I've seen also look pretty cool, and I like the art direction. Definitely keeping an eye out for this.


Very true Nerther I have been involved in some beta projects that if taken to where they should have been as well as completed as outlined they would have been incredible. So I as one never try to get development rushed, I think it should just come as it is done, and done completely to the developers vision.