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When the Celebrity Eclipse launches in April, it will be the first in Celebrity Cruise Line's fleet to offer the all new Celebrity iLounge. Designed to offer the feel of a hip, modern lounge, the space will provide easy access to the Internet as well as classes and new products.

The iLounge is comprised of three main areas and includes 26 workstations where guests can check their email, print boarding passes, and access the Internet. There will also be a retail space where customers can see and try out the latest MacBooks, iPods, and other accessories. As the third component of iLounge, there will be an enrichment center where guests can receive tips regarding Mac or iPod usage from certified staff.

"Our new Celebrity iLounge is a direct outgrowth of our 'Designed for you' brand platform, and our commitment to listen to our guests and offer experiences and programs expressly designed for them," said Celebrity's President and CEO Dan Hanrahan. "Our surveys show that our guests rely heavily on the Internet for research, learning and staying in touch, so we think this new offering will be a big hit, as will the contemporary online classes offered through the 'Discover' series of our inspiring and enriching 'Celebrity Life' experiences."

The iLounge will also include a series of enrichment and entertainment courses such as movie editing, web design, do-it-yourself photo books, and instruction regarding programs including iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and iWeb. For guests who want to do a little shopping on board the ship, Celebrity is an Authorized Apple Reseller, so you'll be able to purchase iPods, MacBooks, and other accessories.

The Celebrity iLounge also will be found on Celebrity Silhouette, which launches in 2011, and the fifth ship in the Solstice Class fleet, which sets sail in 2012.


I don't know about some of this. Where I can see where the internet access lounge will be popular most likely. I can't see taking a class while on a cruise to learn web design etc though.


This is the best idea ever.....

Because when we take a cruise to a tropical, warm, sunny area to get away from our dark, fluorescent lit, computer/desk jobs, we want to be in a dark, fluorescent lit room working on computer stations....


That being said, free internet on a cruise ship would prob be liked by a lot of people on cruise ships, though this I doubt would be free.


So you can post on HotHardware even on your vacation! Now I wonder what kind of ridiculous fees they'll have for internet usage and printing.


How much is apple paying for the rights to put an apple store on every ship in the celebrity cruises fleet?


Dave,.... I'll sacrifice my time for the cause here. Send me and my wife on a cruise and I'll check it out and then do a write-up for I know, I know, it will be rough, but SOMEONE has to do it and I've decided to volunteer as long as I don't have to spend more than 2 hours tops in there for the whole trip.

Go ahead and just send me the tickets,.............

Der Meister

I think its funny people want to still check their email on vacation... I say its a vacation and by by to email and the web...


LMFAO realneil 😃, Its goingt o be real tough on you 🙂 good luck writing the report in the iLounge [;)]


@der i would 😃 i got to keep updated on HH and friends 😉 lol


I'd be happy if i could go on a cruise and not have to pay a fortune for internet access.


yeah you'd be happy, but I doubt you could.