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Comcast Corp. is launching a cloud.

"Secure Backup & Share" is the cable/Internet/entertainment giant's latest service.

It's for customers of Comcast's high-speed Internet service, who will be able to "retrieve and share their personal digital media from any Web-enabled or wireless device." I.e., it's a big ol' cloud.

Some might find it creepy to give their ISP access to their most important files, but with about 140,000 hard drives crashing weekly in the U.S., according to stats cited by Comcast, there's a lot of need for backup. Files also can be lost, the company points out, through human error or lost or stolen computers. Though some might argue that if you are careless enough to lose a computer, that's your own damn problem.

Fact of the matter is, no matter what cloud you store your data in, you're trusting someone else with it.

"As customers create and consume more digital media content, the need for online backup and storage increases significantly. Backup devices, like an external hard drive, can be lost, stolen or damaged in a fire and even if you put your backup device in a safe-deposit box, you probably aren’t updating it regularly," Cathy Avgiris, senior vice president and general manager of communications and data services for Comcast, said in a statement.

Comcast's high-speed Internet customers get 2 GB of storage free. Those who need more can pay $4.99 a month or $49.99 annually for 50 GB of storage or $9.99 monthly/$99.99 annually for 200 GB of storage. A personalized web site gives customers a platform from which to share the data with others.

Right now, it's only for Windows users, but it's promised soon for Mac. No word on Linux. System requirements are:

  • 133 MHz processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista SP1 or SP2, or Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later, or FireFox 3.0 or later
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Theoretically, if I were to connect a 133Mhz 64MB Win2k machine to their cloud and complain that it was slow... would they be forbidden to laugh at me?


LOL 3vi1 😃, you first have to make a system that godly and im sure they won't laugh at you, they might even donate you some money to upgrade that beautiful rig 😃.

wonder if anyone is using such a rig :D


rofl I think my original (self built) P2 400 is in my mom's basement somewhere. I have the ATI All in Wonder Pro from it in a magnetic envelope here.


Oh I think I also have that soundblaster card from it somewhere as well.


Is this any different from all the other file sharing and storage services out there like rapidshare and megaupload? Megaupload gives you a lifetime account for $200.


it isn't a filesharing site, strictly storage space it seems.

That being said 2 GB for free with their ungodly expensive service is nothing.

50 GB for $50 /year or 200 GB for $100 /year is in line with all of their other overpriced services.

+1 for comcast for trying to provide backup storage for their customers

-5 for the overpriced service they are offering (tho that is status quo for comcast)


200 gb. wtf is that? i have like a TB of storage i need to back-up

Der Meister

Why cant they support my 486??? ahahaah