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I am looking to upgrade my video card. I have a new Tyan S1854 Trinity 400 Main board (Via Apollo chip set). PIII 933mhz, 256mb PC133 SDRam, 20gig Western Digital ATA66 Hard drive, Win98se.

Can I justify a new GeForce 4 Ti card in this system ? Does it make more sense to go with a slightly older card (GeForce 3Ti 200) assuming that my system will not meet the performance standards required for the newest GeForce cards? Will my system even drive a GeForce 4 Ti card ???

I wouldn't mind saving some money if the newest video cards out there cannot be run at full potential on my somewhat limited system. Thanx for listening ...
There will be very little differance in your FPS in your video games between a low end GF3 and a high end GF4 because of your memory speed limitations, (sdram is much slower than ddr and rdram and will starve your graphics card for data). But if you go with a GF4Ti4400 or better you will be able to run antialiasing, and anisotropic filtering without too much of a performance hit because they will be handled by the GPU. You will also be able to activate the pixel shader effects that are starting to come out in some games such as Morrowind and UT2003. So if your expectations are super high frame rates then these videocards aren't going to help you, but if you would just like a small fps boost and a huge visual quality boost it might be worth the upgrade.
yeah thats true

you wont be able to use a ti4400 at full potential. So if you dont plan an upgrade for the rest off the systems too, you can better take a cheaper card, like the GF3 ti200. At your system their wont be much differnce between an GF3 Ti200 and anything more powerfull.

But if you gonna upgrade within a few months, you can better get the ti4400 right now
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My Duron @1Ghz can only use 50% of a Ti4400 so you might want to try something abit slower.
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Thanks to all for the input!

Just for kicks ...

Suppose I decided to upgrade in the next few months. I would be looking for some type of stable M.board that supports DDR Ram. I would also need to decide on the right processor to mate with the M.board -Athlon vs. P4 ?- and of course I would need to purchase a good quality Dimm or two - PC2100, 2400, 2700 etc.

I am already using an ATA66 20 gig hard drive. If that will still do the job for me in a new set up, I'd like to stay economical with out having to settle for less performance.

Lets hear it Gentlemen ... I am open to any and all suggestions. I'd like to keep the cost down if possible. Any ideas ...

its really impossible to say what would be the best buy in a few months. But if you would like to keep the cost down and dont intend oc'ing you could get a nice amd-system for less money. For some extra $ you can get an intel that gonna overclock really good. Take into account, if you are comparing intel-amd prices, that you gonna have to spends some money on cooling the amd. A good heatsink and some airflow is really needed. A pentium 4 northwood core doesnt get that hot at all.

But open a thread about your upgrade in the motherboard section when you feel like it.
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