can you folks do a review on the new ASUS N61JQ-X1 15" notebook, which

is $999 and has a Core i7 720QM quad core processor, 4GB DDR3 memory,

320GB 7200 rpm drive, 1GB ATIRadeon HD 5730 video card, and USB 3.0.  

It seems like a hell of a lot of laptop for the money, can you guys run

one though a series of tests?   Added brownie points if you can test it

to see if the iPhone and iPod devices sync with iTunes on it, as it has

the newer HM55 chipset.  Seems like there is a lot of people who have

the older PM55 chipset on their Core i7 laptops, who can not sync an iPhone or iPod device on it. 


seems like most tech sites review the models few of us can afford, and never

the models most of us can and will buy. They reviewed the $1500+ Asus

G51J model back in November, but that model has flashy "Gamer" graphics

on it, which are not very professional looking (think work place and meetings with clients and coworkers), and it costs $500 more

than most of us are willing to spend.
Lets see how the Asus model

many of us would buy performs. Sure, the battery life is going to be

scary bad, but most folks buying a 720QM laptop know this and are likely buying them tol use it like a desktop replacement. My

questions are, did Asus improve the keyboard, how does the application

and gaming performance compared to its $1500 bigger brother, how does the Ati Radeon 5370 compare to the Nvidia GT260, do they

both work with iPhones/iPods, and how does the battery life compare on the $999



Hi deredita and welcome.  We're going to be looking at a bunch of new mainstream Asus machines in a couple of months but Asus has so many S[censored] out with various retailers/etailers that it's hard to track them all.  Likely we'll have something of this class coming soon though.  No worries.