Another great contest from the masters of giveaway!

I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do. One by one, the regulars on this forum are feeling the love for sure!



No Saint Valentine love for us foreigners ! O well, they tell me that it's the thought - not the rig - that counts !...



I'm sorry that it doesn't work out for you. They have posted on their reasons for not shipping to other countries in the past.


That is a sweet system. I was going to buy the 5850, but my mobo can't run it, and i can't afford an upgrade. I never won any contests, or even the lottery, lol. I don't expect to win this, but some lucky winner is sure to love this gaming beast. Nice and future proof. Good luck to everyone.


I can help you out jujdred building a system to that price line should work. You already have a case and monitor which drops 3-400 from the retail price anyway.


Another incredible system that I won't win... oh well. lol

I ain't hatin though so good luck to all!


Hey Judjdred I put together a system for you for 516 and posted it to your special post. There are some options to drop the price as well.


Hey HH is always got something brewing. Plus a lot of valid discussion of components technologies etc. Not to mention the added bonus of the contests around here. Did you new guys see what gibbersome just won a couple of weeks back? Either way I'd definitely nominate HH as one of the best on the web period, for all of it's differing qualities, I find no matches especially in a complete picture.


W[censored]ver wins this machine can try to get it OCed enough to take on the monster Gibbersome just won. Be fun to try to catch that machine.


Oh man. This one beats my homebrew system hands down. If I win this one, the DIY rig will go up on Craigslist in a New York minute, to pay for home repairs (including replumbing my basement after a burglar stole all the copper pipes).

I have to wonder, though-- the focus on the forumites here is gaming, so are we all giving up our chances at the Thermaltake pink nettops to enter this one?

Frankly, I wouldn't throw either one out of bed for eating crackers. And I renew my promise: If I win one of the Thermaltake Valentines Specials, and I'm partial to the one with the pink barcode, I promise to install one of those Unix knockoffs onto it, to join in the burgeoning L4P movement.

But if anyone's counting, I'd prefer this one. For one thing, there's no implication that you have to give it to a Significant Other. "All for Pagus! All for me! Ha, ha, ha!"


And they do it again! And for the next magic trick by Dave and Marco they will give away an LCD the size of the 1 in Texas stadium[:O]. Yeah, I bet the new members and post would jump through the roof for that one.

Seriously though guys another great system and giveaway. This isn't the first system donated  by cyberpower either is it? I wouldn't mind tradin up for the GPU and PSU you guys are givin away. But I think I have won enough great stuff and will let some others have a go. 


Im so in! 😃, been waiting hours to reply to this -.-. You guys should get that forum posting added to the iphone app soon 😃, the web browser version does not work :(


Good Luck to ALL!


Hey, what gives? What happen to Canadians participating in this contest? They used to let Canada be part of something like this...


It depends on the manufacturer, Kyouya, sorry. In this case shipping to Canada just isn't feasible from a cost standpoint.


Hi everyone! I'm a new member and this is my first time to post to this site. Just wanted to say hi to you all!