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HotHardware and Origin New Year's Sweepstakes! Win A New Rig!To ring in the new year, we announced an exciting sweepstakes, along with our friends at Origin PC and AMD, in which we planned to give away a custom painted, fully loaded AMD TWKR-powered system, complete with 4GB of RAM, an ATI Radeon HD 5970 graphics card, and a Western Digital 1TB Black Edition hard drive--among numerous other goodies.

The response we received after the announcement of the contest and throughout its duration was absolutely fantastic with hundreds of new members joining our community, posting thousands of comments throughout the forum and news. Before we announce the winner, we want to extend a big thank you to everyone that made this contest possible and of course to all of our loyal community members who participated.

Well, we've had a chance to sift through all of the data and we’ve picked a lucky winner.

She's All Yours, Gibbersome!

Are you ready for it? Drum roll please! And the Winner Is...


Congrats brother! You've just scored yourself once heck of a killer rig!

Now everyone, congratulate your compatriot gibbersome and prepare for our next exciting give-away! We've actually got TWO awesome gaming rigs on tap for you all in the coming weeks / months--the giving just never stops around here! Once we've got the details hammered out, we'll announce the next contest, but we promise it won't be long.

Team HotHardware

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Let me be the first to say congrats, Gibb!


Wow, congratulations man!!!


Yep I knew it as I said earlier, between me and him he had me in posts no one else did. Congrats gibbersome enjoy it to the max and make sure you post some benches.


congrats gibber

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I have to say... I saw this coming lol

We should have set up a pool on who we thought would winner... and the winner of the pool gets a rig lol

Marco C

You guys can make side-bets on the next two giveaways. 🙂 We've got some good stuff coming down the pipeline...


grats and lookin forward to the future giveaways!


Cool all the way around and grats again gibbersome!


lucky dog...congrats


#!$@!!.... I am completely at a loss for words!!

Oh man!!!

I'm excited....beyond excited!! My hands are trembling so much typing this!

OMG, thank you guys, thank you sooo much!


This has been such an amazing experience! Thank you, everyone, from Origin PC for their INCREDIBLE generosity, AMD....for being awesome, the HotHardware Admins, Dave, Marco, words can't express my gratitude, and the HotHardware community, you've made this an amazingly fun ride!! I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable, fun group of guys to post along with. THANK YOU!

I am tearing up, I have no idea what to say. This is just the happiest night of my life!

I gotta go wake up and tell everyone I know!!!


Super Dave

Congratulations da man![Y]

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truly deserving, congrats man!

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Oh yea! And congrats Gibbersome!

Make sure to get lots of pics and benches :-D


Wow, thank you for the congrats everyone!

3vi1, Kraulerson, rapid1, Soupstyle, acarzt, rjr222, outajob, Super Dave, RA1D....I really appreciate the kind words. You guys are all incredible! It's been such a fantastic experience...I'm running out of adjectives here!

And again, the HotHardware Admins, OriginPC, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm still in shock, it hasn't even begun to sink in.

I will be cherishing this system and this memory for the rest of my life. I've never had a system even close to anything like this!

I can't wait to replay all the games I have on high details and then go buy the ones I've been putting off!!! This is a dream come true!