Hey Drago got anything to say?


Please lets be civil and not get into this. caos420 you have been very helpful and I thank you, and all the others that have put in their two cents. If it wasnt for you guys I would have never givin Win7 another thought until I could build a new rig who knows when, but now for the sake of learning im am going to try a dual boot setup and see how I like it for myself.

I have found and downloaded a copy of Win7-32bit via a Digital River direct link (I hope it is legit) and will use the 30-Day trial method to try out Win7 for now. I will be installing it to a new partition that I will be soon creating. If I have more questions I'll be back to ask them. Any additional information that you may find helpful is welcome.

Sorry to everyone reading the original post but it just so happened the discussion went into OS's and upgrading them.


No problem if you like 7 and want a legit copy i will give you one just clik my profile and shoot me an email and i will get one out to you.


Thank you for the offer caos420, that is very kind of you and I will keep it in mind.


Well I have got Win7 up and running and.... Wow. The difference in view and multitude of options are at first overwhelming to me but I know I can get used to them as soon as I get familiar with everything. 

I do have a few questions: Most importantly will updating drivers and other device software Win7 recommends to do have any affect on my XP software. I dont want to get any unexpected problems or errors when I go back into XP?

And I had a Royale Remixed theme on XP by - oddbasket and Im a fan of the black design if someone could recommend somthing similar in design that would be great.


Caos I think Drago was just pointing out some things about HH and members in general. Your posting of insult's is juvenile and needs to stop that is ridiculous. As for your qualifications no one brought them directly into question. I for one have been in PC hardware 16 years, and have also gone back to school and am working on a masters degree in computer science. I am not finished yet, but it means nothing really on here. That is other than you took some classes and passed them. Real computer knowledge is far different than a title to me. Either way using vulgar insults directly and being offensive will get you banned and fast from what I have seen on here. So I'd suggest not going down to that level.


Well i don't want to be banned so if i have nothing nice to say i wont say anything at all.As for Drago my apoligies I obviously over reacted.


I am not a moderator or anything on the site, I am just saying watch it as I have seen people get kicked out for it. You also don't have to be mister Uber nice just word it a bit differently with direct points rather than inflammatory words and stuffs you seem like a cool guy to me.


Your right i will have to start taking more things with a grain of salt.I will be smarter next time in my reply.


caos420 wrote:

Well i don't want to be banned so if i have nothing nice to say i wont say anything at all.As for Drago my apoligies I obviously over reacted.

Caos, would appreciate you keep things a bit more civil, yes.  Differing opinions are fine.  Direct personal attacks aren't tolerated.




Yes sir my thoughts exactly.

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Chief, as long as you installed 7 in a different partition or another hard drive, your software and anything installed in your xp partition will be fine.  Windows 7 as far as i know will only update from vista, from xp it requires a complete and separate install.  Since you do have an older system, some of your parts may not have windows 7 drivers, so in lieu of that, use vista drivers as they will more than likely work.  My sound card had to have vista drivers in my Win7 RC that i have.

For your appearance preferences, you can change the start bar to black and same for the outlying borders of the windows via the the desktop preferences, but if you wish to have a completely different theme, you will likely have to invest in Windowblinds.  I dont know of to many windows 7 themes out there that are free, but you can always look around.  Windowblinds will work, but they only have a trial that expires else you have to pay like $20 for the full product.

@caos420:  I never meant for what i said to insult you, just letting TheChief know of the lay of the land.  The only reason i responded to this thread aside to welcome TheChief was to try to balance out your bulling and pushing of him getting win 7 and upgrading.  Not saying that you dont have a point, but the fact is not everyone has to have the latest and greatest, and more often than not, nonenthusiast people dont upgrade that often, and even enthusiasts dont either due to things going on in RL.  Not everyone has money, and most end up working with what they have.  If you stick around HH and do work in the computer sector, you will see this trend pretty clearly.  People come to forums looking for help with what they have, and as a last resort will buy something to fix the problem.  Windows 7 is cool and all, and just cause he can run it on his system doesnt mean he has to go spend money for the OS.  Your offering to give him a copy of Windows 7 seems kinda fishy to me, maybe you didnt quite read all of the EULA?  If that copy is for the company you work for you really do not need to give that out cause when your company gets audited they will find out where all copies of that OS are at.  Again not trying to insult you, just giving my thoughts and experience, like i have done here for the last 6 years.


will not happen again.Again i do apoligize to the entire HH comunity.


No problem Drago I get everything your saying and your rite.And as far as win7 goes i have 6 new copies that i own through verious contest at my last employer. they are all legal I also have my own coperate edition of win7 with about 10,000 keys on it.


Reformat your hard drive. That should fix that problem.