I have searched Microsoft's website for the Release Candidate but I found a page saying it was unavailible at the first of the first year in 2010, if you know where it is still availible could you let me know? And also I located an Enterprise version that will work for 90-days, could you please tell me the difference in these two if you can or is there even is one. Thanks


With those specs windows 7 will run fine on your system and you will notice better performance since win7 is much more responsive then xp.GoodLuck and keep me updated on your win7 experience.If you need anything let me know.


yes you should set up virtual memory on a seperate drive and yes it is a very common practice.It's kinda part of tweaking windows 101 you know what i mean?


Also setting up virtual memory on a seperate hdd only works good if your secondary drive is equal in performance as your primary drive if your primary drive is better or faster then just leave virtual memory as is.


the enterprise version will do the job.


Thanks caos420, I have heard of it being done before but have never had the opportunity to do so and try it out.

As for the Enterprise version what exactally is it?


go ahead and try it if it dont work out you can always switch it back.happy tweaking

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Welcome to HH Chief.  Thanks for the informative post.  A few things to note about the forum, there is a bunch of bars under everyone's avatar, the more posts you have the more bars you have.  Points are a newish thing and basically you get points for posting and for people replying to your post directly.  Under that is a join date. 

Not to say that people with a low number of posts dont know anything, you obviously know things as you posted some information, but take the newbies posts with a grain of salt when they talk like they are 14 years old and their first OS was Vista.  There is nothing wrong with xp and the solution you provided is a nice fix as sometimes installing and uninstalling mouse drivers especially switching companies can end up removing an entry like that and cause some trouble.

With your setup, windows 7 will be ok as you got plenty of RAM and the superfetch in win 7 will make things seem really snappy.  If i were you i would go and make sure you turn off indexing in windows 7 otherwise your hard drive will be clicking and groaning non stop.  Indexing is only good if you have tons of files to search through and you have to search for stuff all the time.  For 99% of people they dont need this and it will net you about a 5% increase in performance.

I still proudly run XP and i have it tweaked and it runs really quick on my aging rig, and imo much better than win7.


The enterprise edition trial will be pretty much the same as if you found the RC. They have the features and the RC is scheduled to stop working (it will shut down randomly I think) this spring (march~april time frame I think).

Your system should be able to handle windows 7 fine.

If you don't have a second drive you should be fine as long as you can partition off or set up a spot with 20~40 GB of free space. Windows should allow you to dual boot by hitting F8 when you start up.


The difference between Enterprise edition and others is that Enterprise edition is meant to be sold to companies and is basically the professional edition that is able to be installed on a lot of PCs at once.

The reason the trial is free is for people like IT professionals who are in charge of rolling out programs and updates at companies to be able to try it and see if they need to fix programs/etc before committing the company to buying the new OS. (So there aren't a million problems that basically shut the company down after upgrading). Basically so MS can get businesses to switch, they don't want people staying on XP forever.


TheChief didn't do anything wrong, from my view, and neither did Drago, why put people down and make mean sounding posts instead of just helping?


I have helped .Did you read Drago's post.I just joined in january but that don't mean I don't know what i'm talking about. I happen to be very educated on the PC and i take Drago's post as a direct insult.Let's compare knowledge Drago may the best man win.Although it wont be fare seeing how i carry a B.S. in computer science But your welcome to try.


I thought he was just trying to explain the forums to TheCheif. /shrug


No he was insulting me .The end