Hello, I recently switched to a Logitech USB mouse from a MS PS/2 and upon doing so I was not able to go into the S3 stand-by mode anymore.  This problem occurs  when you want to wake your PC from stand-by with a USB device like a Mouse or Keyboard.

S3 Stand-By Explained - Suspend to RAM (context saved to RAM) In this state, your PC in standby and all fans, hard drivers and other devices are powered down into a sleep state. Power consumption is less than Five Watts.

After being in contact with Logitech customer support for over a month with no working solution from them, I went out to find my own. This is a solution I discovered.

Using regedit go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\usb

and create this entry:  USBBIOSx  = DWORD value = 00000000

**if you do not have a directory named USB you can create one for this fix.**

This is my source:


What?Why? Dude you need a serious upgrade.Ever heard of Vista?Maybe Windows7? lol :[


Well I would if I thought it would provide me with a substantial benifit and/or be cost concious which in my case is neither. And please do tell me what is the point in posting if your just going to insult the OP and not add anything meaningful or useful pertaining to the discussion? Oh and if you happen to have a spare copy of Vista or Win7 laying around let me know I'll gladly upgrade just for you.


I agree, I still have XP on my laptop and my work still uses XP. Millions of people still use XP, as it is the most used OS in the world right now (something like 60% of computers).


What I meant by that is your going to run into  problems just like that with xp more and more as you add more new devices most hardware today does not support xp unless you find a registry hack. So yes i would upgrade,but if your comfortable with your machine as is then i would leave well enough alone.

P.S. I do have a few extra copies of both Vista and 7 if you would like a copy shoot me an email.


Thank You for your offer Mr. Caos420, but I have no experience not even 1 minute with Vista or Win7 and currently im am in the 32bit category of PC. I have been waiting it out until I can start my next PC build with very few troubles. If you do have a 32bit version laying around which would you suggest from your own experience?


I would recomend windows7 for sure it is user friendly and does not demand as much power as vista as in power i mean vista requires fairly new technoligies where as windows seven will run quite well even on mediocre hardware and yes i have a copy of 32bit win7.What are your current specs?


Windows 7 is pretty nice.


Hey chief the only issue you will have is upgrading. I would suggest this make a new partition on one of your hard drives. Format it and install live to it from XP, of course follow the reboots and you will be in 7. Then transfer your stuff from XP to 7 it will run most anything XP or Vista will and in most cases does it even or better in many. The split the drive XP was on make one part backup, and use the other for programs etc after you format it.


Hey and if you do have more than 1 drive split one and put 7 xp or vista a seperate virtual memory file on it they all run a bit more efficient if Virtual is on a seperate drive from the OS.


You should maybe try Win 7 out by doing a dual boot, since the Release Candidate is still free and workable.


I agree soup win 7 rc runs great and will let you get to know it very well also plus it's free.


Or if hes lucky he can win the origin and get windows 7 with it [;)]


Hello, Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I think you have convinced me to give Win7 a try on dual boot since I do not have 2 HDD at this time and I like to tinker and try out new things. But I do have a few questions since I am not very knowledgeable on this.

First @ caos420 my PC specs are:

-P4 3.4ghz, 800mhz FSB, and 2mb cache

-4gb DDR2 667

-ATI 4670 512mb

-59gb free on HDD



I like your ideas on how to set up on two seperate HDD's but I cannot do that at this time. But I would like to know if setting up the virtual memory on a seperate disk provides a meaningful gain and is this a common practice for power users im am interested to know more. And lastly is there a way to control my dual boot without using a third-party software to select which OS to boot to? Thanks