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Tetris, which last year celebrated 25 years of falling bricks, has hit, and passed, 100 million downloads to various mobile devices. -Blue Planet Software, Inc., the company that manages the exclusive licensing rights to the game, and EA Mobile, a division of Electronic Arts Inc., announced the milestone at a press conference on Thursday.

Tetris is, for those not in the know, a simplistic game that involves a player rotating falling geometric shapes made up of bricks to complete and cause rows to vanish. The simplicity makes it an ideal game for mobile devices. It also makes it addicting, as well.

Henk Rogers, CEO of Blue Planet Software, said:
“Tetris on mobile will never go away. As mobile devices get into the hands of more people, so does Tetris. People are always looking for ways to fill their time — be it in waiting rooms or on the bus — and with the advent of touch screens and improved platforms, our eyes are opened to a whole new way to develop games. After Tetris’ success with the Game Boy in 1989, we always hoped that potential would carry over into today’s mobile devices. It’s a testament to the game’s staying power that it remains popular on today’s most modern technology.”
For those wondering, yes, there is an iPhone app for that. There is a $4.99 official version of Tetris in the App Store.

While you're celebrating along with EA Mobile and Blue Planet Software, play a round of two of Internet-based Tetris, on us.

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EA owns tetris? I should have guessed.


I remember playing tetris on Nintendo for hours at a time. It got so fast when you reach high levels. Its kinda neat that a game a simple as this could be running so strong even today.


i got in my iphone and i love it :)


Tetris will never die, and there's an app for nearly everything else anyway. Why not Tetris to :)

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Blue Planet Software is a 50% owner of The Tetris Company LLC, which holds the actual rights to the name "Tetris". EA just licenses the rights.

I'm assuming TTC's other 50% is held by Alexey Pajitnov.


And Alexey Pajitnov just collects those massive checks in the mail. It must be nice to have created the one of the most popular and addicting games of all time.

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I'm torn on this, because Alexey got *nothing* from 1984 until the rights reverted back to him (from the Russian state) in 1996.

I don't like authors/musicians/programmers being able to make money off of one creation indefinitely, but he certainly got shafted relative to others in the industry.

And TTC only gets licensing money from use of the name, I don't think the game itself has any relevant patents, and it's very hard to win on "look and feel".


The issue was that he developed the game while working in a government lab so any discovery he made, it belonged to Mother Russia. Very similar to the guy who came up with PCR, Kary Mullis. He got $10,000 for the invention, while his company Cetus, got $300 million.

Alexey Pajitnov kept on working on other games even while the rights were taken away from him. I think he's more than given his due to reap some benefits from it. Also, I listened to an interview of him and he seems like a genuinely nice, down to earth kinda guy. Nice guys finish last? Not in this case.

Interview Link


For those that have WinMobile phones and want a free Tetris, Sudoku, Connect4 or Backgammon. I'm sure there are plenty of free alternatives on the iPhone/Blackberry/Android/Maemo/WebOS platforms as well.


Yeah gibbersome he seems like a guy who just loves developing things of this nature so that has been his main reward. Of course looks like he's getting his piece of the pie now to.