That is very true it has also been said that quad core smart phones and slate tablet units will be coming out late October early November which will therefore make the memory desktop computer HD TV makers etc fight for percentage which general means a definite price drop.



realneil wrote:

[quote user="rapid1"]I can almost promise you that this years black Friday will have bargains galore on the SSD front.

Agreed. And maybe we can expect to see some PCI-E 3.0 video cards out by then as well.

Prices on Memory sticks have really dropped lately, I just got 16GB of DDR3-1600 for just under 100 bucks. (this is good)

you bet and for sure guys >>>@rapid 80 & 120 GB SSD a total game changer for the user experience even on some slightly older rigs. Been priming a few pals to get into the habit of thinking of the OS boot drive [ie partitioning scheme] at about 80-120 GB range and surprisingly quiter a few will likely be getting SSD along with some of the greener HDs we've seen around here.lately

@realneil  just picked up about 2 weeks ago some G.SKILL F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM

which were 49.00 with free shipping what a deal ! I think a daily ?

what mem sticks you find @ 16 GB  DDR3-1600 under $100 ? 16 GB

16GB is sure to be the new bag of ram  with these prices for the Hyper-V VM in the new Win 8  this is fun times yeah !:)


rrplay wrote:

what mem sticks you find @ 16 GB  DDR3-1600 under $100 ?

Here are three of them. These are all on sale now.

But the ones that I just got are these Patriot sticks. They were a NewEgg Shell Shocker deal.

I also got two of these HDD's for $57.98 each. Wish that I could have bought four more of them.


realneil wrote:

Here are three of them. These are all on sale now.

But the ones that I just got are these Patriot sticks. They were a NewEgg Shell Shocker deal.

I also got two of these HDD's for $57.98 each. Wish that I could have bought four more of them.

great for you to  share the nice organized search for the hot mem stick deals at 49 .00 wonder the Patriot sticks are sold out ! >>

another great reason to subscribe and participate

by the way what two of 'these HDD's are you referring to @ 57.98 each ?  linky ?

thanks :)


It's  these drives, 5,900RPM drives, with SATA-III data transfer rates and a 64MB cache. (there is a code to get them for $10.00 less, it's good until the 12th of this month) Promo Code: EMCKAKD22

My 7,200RPM SATA-II drives were always able to serve up my games at proper speeds, and I figure that SATA-III drives will do it just as well. 1.5TB drives for 57.00 shipped is a good deal, and I had the money to get two of them, so I jumped.


I have the 2tb version of that drive, I love it so far. Great performance for a lower spinning drive.


i have a 120gb ssd, and i am pretty much out of space with starcraft, and league of legends, some necessary things like microsoft word etc.


the speed is great, but id be much more comfortable with ~240gb or so.


And now those 1.5TB's are $150 lol, dang it all to heck!  I'd say now is the perfect time to get SSD's if you're considering it.  The tough part really is to determine which one to get.  Obviously you want it to have the best controller possible, but also you want to have garbage collection (TRIM for example) and high IOPS, along with high data throughput capabilities (reads and writes).  SSD's are definitely worth it in all honesty, especially when you look back to just a few years ago when we were paying the same, if not more, for platter drives.  We've kinda got spoiled in a way, but the game is still the same.  If you're considering an SSD, and can afford to make the jump, then by all means, go for it, you won't be dissatisfied :)  Btw, don't forget that there are both SATA and PCI-E versions, so compare all possible options that work best for you :)


The real thing to me on SSD's is this even the cheapest ( and yes SATA 1/2) SSD's are multiple times faster than a standard mechanical HD period. WHen you get to PCI-X ones that is multiplied even further. I also saw some SATA 3 SSD's on both black friday and cyber monday sales for right at or just under $100.00. Yes; there smaller size drives generally, but this is the thing yes we would all like to have all our programs on the PC on an SSD, but the first + for them is the OS, so running one as an OS drive is optimal as the OS manages everything. I think the best option all around is having a SSD OS drive and then mechanical HD's for size/storage duties such as movies music and pictures etc. none of those really require performance as much for a general user, they just require space to be stored. I personally can't wait until I can get 3 SSD's and run the  in RAID 0+1 or 5 for my games benchmarks photo and sound editing, burning etc software and the have 2 2 or 3 TB in the back for size and backup. Right now I run one SSD as an OS drive, and 2 750GB drives in a RAID setup over 5 partitions. 


I'm in the process of upgrading 3 of my four house rigs with SSDs (have two of them done so far, waiting on an OCZ Synapse to arrive for the HTPC), and the difference is astounding.  Most software loads as if it were minimized to the taskbar rather than loading for the first time, and I'm not even using the best or fastest SSDs on the market.  I opted for the bargain solution and went with OCZ Agility 3's for my gaming rig and my wife's rig, and will be using a 128GB Synapse for the HTPC.

If for no other reason, the seconds it'll shave off your day in load times and boot times will be worth it, I believe. 


tzaar0723 wrote:

the difference is astounding

Agreed, I think that it's the single best upgrade you can do to a PC for speeds sake.


1)  Newegg has a great deal on their 120GB Vertex Sata iii SSD today...$119 after rebate

2)  anyone have any experience on SSD brand?  I've read Intel and Kingston have great quality, wondering about OCZ, Crucial, and Corsair?


Ever since the update to the Sandforce controllers on the OCZ's, they've been tops.  As for the rest, they're all pretty well comparable.  Most are now running updated Sandforce controllers as well, so they'll have great performance.  As for Kingston, Patriot, etc., the bandwidth capability depends on the drive series.  Some, even when run in SATA 3 mode, will only garner SATA 2 speeds, which is crazy talk, but true.  What i usually do, is not only look for solid reviews, but also I'll go to newegg and do a full compare of all the models I'm interested in.  just check each one u want to look at, and click on any of the "compare" buttons.  The stuff is laid out pretty simply too.


I got a Kingston SSD V200. I will try and use it soon and see if it's that much faster :D


Aoshi wrote:

I got a Kingston SSD V200. I will try and use it soon and see if it's that much faster :D

does it happen to look like this ?

Thanks again Kingston ! [:)]