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are they realy worth the money kinda of pricey for glorified ram/flash memory.


Depends...I think it's a very personally view.  Some can justify the price for the greater speed. 

Pros: speed, ram chips, and silent, no moving parts either.

Cons: Degradation of the chips over time (they get slower with each use, but it is not noticable.)  I think Der Meister ran into this problem after 1 year of use.  And also, the most obvious is the rediculous price per gb.

I personally can't justify the price for a large drive.  I may get a 30gb one over the summer for my operating system, but solely the operating system.


Mentaldisorder summed up my opinion on SSDs pretty well. Until it gets less expensive it will be a nice feature for power users and the economically well endowed.


Agree with mentaldisorder as well. SSDs are better suited to mobile platforms such as netbooks/laptops for the efficiency and the durability (no moving parts).

I wouldn't worry too much about performance degradation. A few days ago I came across’s SSD Myths

and Legends - "write endurance"

The gist is that most of the SSD drives being sold today have very high write endurances, somewhere in the 1-5 million range. You're looking at decades of intensive reading and writing before your drive fails, making them at least as durable as their magnetic counterparts.


The main thing is that people need to remember is that these drives do not need to be defragmented. If you do, you are subjecting your drive to needless wear.

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nice i did not know that thats like having a closet organizer in your hdd nothing is ever out of place.


Funny way to look at it Caos a pocket organizer lol. I have not bitten this bullet yet either. I know many have said it is the most significant singular upgrade you can do and the like. I just can't justify the price for the amount of space. I mean I have two 750GB drives and I spent less on them considerably (65x2 and there WD Blacks w/free shipping) than I would for an 80GB SSD, maybe even a 60GB one. So not yet for me for a netbook maybe but that would be a requirement to make it partially tolerable. I have used them (SSD's) they are mad fast, and the ones ( on a couple netbooks I repaired) I've used were nowhere near top end ones either.


Lol, I agree. If you've already gotten a fast processor, tons of RAM, a kickass video card, and you still have some money left over, get yourself an SSD. And if you do, make sure you upgrade to WIndows 7 to get the most out of it.

Marco C

You can make an argument as to whether other no they're worth the money, but the fact of the matter is, if you've got a fairly current system, using an SSD for the OS and your most common applications is the singe most noticable performance upgrade you could purchase at this time.


I hope to get one this year for my Core-i7 Beast, although it's hard to imagine it being allot faster than what it is already. I'd like one that is large enough for the OS and two or three of my favorite games to reside on.


a small ssd to boot from might be worth it. i've heard degradation isn't really much of a problem.


If I had the extra change laying around, I'd join the bandwagon and get one for my OS as well.

Der Meister

Nope my SSD is still going strong... I just can install the trim firmware update on mine with out wiping the drive... Which I will do next OS install


I thought there was someone having slow down issues.


An 80GB one would be more than enough to run your OS, apps and a few games. I've been eying the Intel X25-M for a while now.

Also, Intel has a 40GB drive out for $130, I'd say that's not too bad to get your toes wet.