I'm traditionally a New England Patriots supporter, but after their getting knocked out, I've been rooting for the Jets. And now in a very ironic showdown, the Jets face the Colts, who let them win during week 14 to rest their starters.

Would it be poetic justice if the Jets beat the Colts?

I also wouldn't mind if the Vikings won it all, that way Brett Favre will retire once and for all!


I'd like to see the Jets beat the Colts next week just for the reason that the Colts coach benched Manning & other starters and giving up his possible undefeated season and the Jets got into the playoffs due to that. It would be ironic if the Jets eliminated the Colts just for kicks and giggles.  I doubt it will happen though.


The Saints are on a mission this year, they are my Superbowl pick


I'm a patriots fan, but since they are done I am going to hope that the vikings win, I was a GB Packer fan growing up but kind of got upset when they forced Favre to retire.

A cool SB match-up would be Vikings vs. Jets, good defenses and good offenses plus Favre on his new team vs his last team.

But both the AFC & NFC championship games are going to be close I think, unless the Jets are able to shut down the Colts pass attack (albeit hard to do), then the Jets won't have too much trouble.


Haha, I feel the same way. The team was booed in front of their home crowd. Also, by essentially giving the Jets an easy win, they made life alot harder for other 9-7 teams which missed the playoffs (Texans, Steelers). That's just bad karma leading up to the playoffs.

If the Jets beat them next week, it'll make one hell of a story!



Brett's having the best season of his career, 33 TDs and get this, 7 INT's. And in the first playoff game he gets another 4 TD's with 0 INT's! That doesn't sound like him at all! Has he finally reigned in his gunslinger attitude?

Saints scored 45 points against a weakened injured Cardinals team. Cardinals also gave away 45 points last week, so that's 90 points in two games, nice disappearing act from their defense! Vikings will be a much better test for the Saints. Brees vs Favre, both coming off the best seasons of their careers, what a match up!

The other thing to note is that the Colts defense is peaking at the right time. The last time this happened, they won a Superbowl. All four teams have a shot and their own story to write, can't wait till next week!


I'm just impressed that he finally beat the Cowboys.


Yep, though this Cowboy team underperformed this last game. Saints will give them a true challenge!


I am with the Vikings I don't know if Brett will retire but I believe he's playing at the level he needs to be at to help win it. The quarter back is not everything on a football field in any way. However; as a single player they have more influence over how the game goes. I think Brett Favre deserves a ring just because he's playing at this level and he's 10-20 years older than 75% of anyone playing the game. But besides Favre on his own his whole team is playing very well, not to mention his team has some mad talent all over there roster. I guess it all depends on this weekend though. The Saints have had a rough patch in the last 4 games, but the are still a very formidable team. I think the game this weekend will be better than the super bowl anyway. These two teams in my eye are the best no matter how it ends out, and it will be a he11uva game for sure.


Yeah, this is Favre's year. I can't imagine him coming back next year and having another great season like this one...but then again, this is what I was thinking last year as well, lol.


I agree, and about him  repeating or even playing next year who knows. If his team wins the super bowl (which they're only 2 games away now), maybe he will retire for real. If not who knows I kinda doubt it but he may be satisfied with how far he's gotten now.


True and the way he's playing, even if his performance dips 25-30%, he'll still be better than most quarterbacks in the league. 40 is the new 30.

For the Vikings, hiring him was a hail mary that has worked. Once Favre leaves, they'll have to start looking for a long term QB solution.


Yeah I agree there's a pretty good field of QB's in the draft this year. So they should'nt have a problem.



Its Brett Favre, if he finishes with a SB ring and retires, he will still feel like he can play (and who could argue, he just won the SB) and unretire if someone asked him to.


Lol, agreed!

And what's more, he hasn't missed a game since his rookie season. Talk about stamina and toughness. Maybe he wants to get a few more records. He's only 3 TD's shy of 500 career touchdowns.


Well I am a hardcore Ravens fan but since they wanted to beat themselves this past weekend I have to support the Jets since Rex Ryan is there now along with half of Baltimore's team from last year. Would have loved to see the Jets battling the Ravens for the championship but that dream is gone. for this season anyway.